My video got 5,748,734 views in 4 weeks but how can i earned ?

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Dear ,I have an YouTube channel...One of the video of channel got 1st serp result in youtube,,in google search this video positioned 2nd page by an adult keyword..This video got 5,748,734 views within 4 weeks only...

My questioned is how can i use this video to get Money ?

I have an YouTube adsense id in that mail...i already tried to monetized..but its needs some information about this video ownership.. I am failed...

I know Warrior is a palace of Experts...please give me some advice...
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    Originally Posted by nelson23 View Post

    I know Warrior is a palace of Experts...please give me some advice...
    Yip, a palace full of "experts" that's for sure...
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    Here's what you do, OP . . .

    The first thing this: I'm working under the assumption that your video falls within the Youtube TOS. The second thing: even if it does fall within TOS, ranking for an adult term generally means your video has a short life expectancy. And given the latter, you need to quickly set about capturing leads before (well, if) the video is pulled or flagged into nonexistence. You want a relevant squeeze page to capture opt-ins and on your type of traffic (at a guess, based on the little I know about your video) the general setup looks like this:

    Link in Video Description > Squeeze > PPL Monetized Thank You > Follow-Up Series of Automated Emails

    In a nutshell, then: think of a way to entice subscribers, create a squeeze page, plonk the link in your video's description field, monetize the thank you page with relevant PPL offers, and setup an automated follow-up series of emails that you also monetize. If you actually make a habit of doing that and ranking well with those kind of views, you'll be making more money than most other online marketers.

    - Tom

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    You might also want to include caption that drives viewers to your website or squeeze page if any as well as a clickable title. Not a lot of direct monetization with YouTube videos save from adsense and some form of ads but you can use the video as a channel to entice viewers to go to where your money is.
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