How To Create A Sales Funnel On Wordpress?

by Archer
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I want to create a sales funnel on a wordpress site - squeeze page, OTO 1, OTO 2, thank you pages.

I understand you can do this with OptimizePress. Is there any other (and possibly cheaper) alternative?

Thanks in advance!

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    You might be able be able to find someone to build those few pages for you on at a lower cost but to be quite frank with you, OptimizePress is pretty cheap as it is; I see that the lowest price they have is $97.

    Click Funnels is another great tool but it's actually a bit more costly that OptimizePress.

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      Instabuilder is cheaper I think.

      I like Clickfunnels though. Way more stuff to play with :-)
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    You can do this with almost any WP Theme.

    You just need to make the pages you want and then set those pages in your autoresponder to be directed to after opting-in or not.

    A good theme would allow creating nice squeeze pages, sales pages and landing pages with very little clutter. They should also be easy to create clean pages without sidebars and extra sections.

    For example, Divi Theme is good. But any simple theme that allows you to build pages the way you want would work.

    That is if you don't want to use a theme or service designed for squeeze page like those mentioned above.
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    The cheapest way to do it is to do it yourself.
    You can create all the pages in Wordpress (if you don't want to spend money in a plugin make sure you start with a nice theme). Then integrate these pages with your payment processor.
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    I use Instabuilder for my squeeze pages and sales pages

    If you sell your products via JVzoo they have a nice Funnel program you can set up tying in all your products with upsells and downsells
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    As Aussie_Al says ... go and set it all up on JVZoo, or Warrior Plus if you're in the make money online niche. They both have really easy funnel builders. All you need to do is add each individual sales page as an individual product and set prices and a few bits of info, and then you create the funnel graphically (tell it that this page is the front end, this is the OTO1, etc etc ...), and it gives you the code for each buy button and "No Thanks" link to paste into your sales pages. JVZoo and Warrior + handle the customers progression through your funnel and pay you automatically to PayPal for each sale minus a tiny fee.

    There's videos on YouTube on creating funnels on JVZoo. It's real simple plus you can sync each product up with a specific auto responder list to capture the buyers email address, and also accept affiliates if you need to.

    So to answer your question, if you use JVZ or W+ the page builder you use in WP is totally irrelevant in terms of funnel building. I built funnels using a mix of OP and WP Profit Builder plugin. The button code and "No Thanks" links are all that's really important.
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    Totally agree with @onSubie, you really CAN do that with ANY wp theme, I like to use ProfitBuilder for that. Just build pages and configure your OTO'S pages on jvzoo.

    You can also use other page builders such as InstaBuilder, FunnelKitGo and many other that you can find on the JvZoo marketplace

    Forever noob and proud!

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    There are a few high please you can goto, funnelkitgo is one that i personally use for landing pages! However when it comes to creating a product with OTO etc I would actually go for a tool called "Clickfunnels"

    The reason for this is because the stability and usability of the site is incredible, and the security is amazing!
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      This, in my opinion, is the best WordPress Sales Funnel builder. It has all the features built in for any type of funnel you can imagine... INSTABUILDER (Google it) It also has a one time affordable price.You can make short funnels or funnels that go on to infinity... Also has built in social network "Like before you see info" built in. And much much more... All the bell and whistles... Sound like a salesman, don't I?
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    Best advice is for you my friend is to
    avoid building a sales funnel in or
    through word-press....

    Not recommended and if you are serious
    about really building a sales funnel for a
    long term business then i would highly
    recommend to invest a little in your business
    to grow your business....

    I will highly advice to go for click funnels as
    its very easy to use and has great templates
    and Done For You pages where you just change
    the text and colours...

    Choice is yours but really want you to realize that
    to take your business seriously then people will take
    you seriously and your product...

    GOOD LUCK....
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    While I agree that high quality products are the best, sometimes you don't have the budget. If you want an inexpensive WordPress plugin, you could consider Fusion Splash Builder (sold thru JVZoo) for $39.95, one time fee. Then you could create each page in WP as mentioned above and use your autoresponder to access each page.

    I purchased it, but haven't used it yet. I will be installing it and working with it this weekend.
    Join our affiliate program! Earn $400 or more for 1 sale! Lucrative commissions.
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    A big thank you to everyone for the wealth of inputs you provided! Am looking into them.

    Clickfunnels looks good. If I can turn a profit in 2 - 3 months, the monthly cost becomes irrelevant and it may be a great option...

    The other suggestions look great as well.

    Thanks once again!

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