How do I get my picture on the tread I post?

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I have my picture clearly on my site but when I post a tread I see (Grandspecial) my username but not picture. I see picture of others. So how do I set my picture on my treads?

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    go to your user cp and click the Edit Avatar link, (which is different than your profile picture).

    P.S. it's threads, not treads... lol


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      Originally Posted by Jared Alberghini View Post

      P.S. it's threads, not treads... lol
      Not always Jared ... some of the topics, do seem like re-treads.

      Grandspecial - I pointed you to the videos in another tread ... you'll find answers for all your questions there, along with step-by-step for how to get it done.
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    Maybe they have to be 150 x 150 pixel size image or something?
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