Struggling with Lead Magnets for Travel and Interior Design Lists

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I am really struggling coming up with lead magnet ideas for two of my new lists:

Interior Decorating

Any ideas for those two niches? I'm having troubling thinking of something that would broadly appeal to the niche. For travel, I can't giveaway a travel guide to Italy for example. Not everyone is interested in Italy.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Just use a little creativity and think of questions you would like to have answered if you were a consumer in the niche. Then do a little digging and searching online to find your answers. Write what you find and Give it a "curiosity" type title. For example:

    Travel -
    How to Travel Lightly But Still Carry Everything You Need
    How to Tip Service Providers Without Spending Too Much or Too Little
    How to Secure Your Home and Property Prior to a Long Vacation
    The Best Online Sites For Booking Last Minute Flights and Cruises
    What to Do Next if You Lose Your Wallet or Passport

    Interior Decorating -
    How to Add Color to Brighten Any Room
    How to Arrange Seating for the Best Conversations
    How to Choose the Best Carpet Type for Every Room
    When to Hire a Professional and When to Decorate Yourself
    Which Indoor Plants Require the Least Maintenance

    That took all of two minutes.


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    For travel, I would try something like "the top 10 vacation destinations you've never heard of" with more low key, off the grid vacation spots.

    For interior decorations, I like something like "what your home decor says about you".
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    When you don't have any idea what to use as a lead magnet just go to and search to find the most popular (most shared) content on social networks.

    You'll suddenly have many ideas.
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    Who is your target audience?

    For travel, are you aiming for vacationers, business travellers, snowbirds? Young families, retired couples? What is your objective after they opt in?

    For interior design, are you targeting individual designers, homeowners doing their own design, real estate agents interested in staging homes for sale? Again, what is your objective after they opt in?

    Nail those down, and resources like buzzsumo will be a lot more useful.
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    John is correct (as usual).

    You're trying to please a broad market but that's nearly impossible. Narrow down your audience and you'll have an easier time deciding what they need to know.

    How to travel with toddlers without losing your mind
    What you need to pack for every business trip
    The most beautiful islands to visit on the east coast

    Decorating your home office on a budget
    Ten new decorating styles for 2016
    Minimize your home furnishing to provide a stress free space

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