Best Traffic Source/s For Online Marketers In 2016

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I am sure you want to know all about it or them.

Well I am not going to get into that because the point of this thread is to teach you a good lesson that will boost or grow your business for years to come if you implement this.

See, every other guru out there will tell you that they are using THIS traffic source or THAT traffic source with great results.

The one thing you have to realize is that while one source of traffic works really well for one marketer, it may not work for others.

Another good point I want to mention here is that some places claim that they have the best traffic for anyone looking to increase leads and sales. They will talk about how such and such traffic sources that others are using are crap and theirs is really good.


When you use their service, your leads flow is low and your sales are at $0. You spend $300 for 250 HIGH quality unique visitors but your sales are still at $0.

That's why you have to NOT LISTEN to anyone when it comes to top quality traffic and test your way until you separate the winners from the losers.
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    Hi talfighel,

    I was definitely not expecting your post but it did resonate with me. Don't we all want traffic?

    But it's about getting the right traffic.

    And trial-and-error really is all you can do. I think SEO and social are really powerful, but they sure do take work. And for some, it's like all they need to do is write and focus on providing massive value and the traffic rolls in.

    I don't plan on using any services because I have seen some nice success with "free" methods (my time is definitely not free! LOL). And I will definitely be keeping an open mind as I test my way to see what works.

    ~ Julie
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    To me, whenever I see some member posting about where to find the best traffic . . . like:

    "Give me your top ten traffic sources" or
    "What is the best source of social media traffic?" or
    "Which traffic converts best - venue A or venue B?"

    It shows me that the OP is not really ready for paid traffic.

    Not only is every traffic source different, but every niche and market is different. So are the copywriting skills of the marketer that's preparing the campaigns. Not only that, but ever offer is different (some are very compelling while others are worthless).

    There are so many variables that go into the conversion of offers it is really ridiculous to think that you are going to have the same success on your offer that someone else has already had. The offer is different, the timing is different, the audience is most likely different, your reputations as marketers are different.

    What someone else does in his business has no bearing whatsoever on what you can or will do in your business.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I don't know about not listening to anyone. Imo take what people say with a grain of salt. Not all advice is good advise but not all is bad either.
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    Originally Posted by talfighel View Post

    That's why you have to NOT LISTEN to anyone when it comes to top quality traffic.
    As Willy Wonka would say: "Reverse that."

    An internet marketer must become a human sponge for all IM information. The real trick, in this regard, is learning how to filter good information from bad. And how do you do that? Learn as much as you can about traffic.

    A few tips:
    1. Knowing a traffic system is more important than knowing a traffic platform.
    2. Not every system or platform is appropriate for your own business, or indeed for you.
    3. If you can't generate traffic (and income) from free methods, it would be wise to avoid paid methods.
    4. Master (as much as necessary) one system on one platform, and then move onto the next, whilst keeping the first one operational. And repeat this process.
    5. Typically, one traffic platform will necessitate a different system than another; even when we're talking something as basic as social marketing with FB pages and G+ pages.
    6. Learn what you can for free. I devote time and expense (and even a team) to keep abreast of industry developments (including traffic systems) and yet most of the knowledge is actually available for free - on blogs and forums, mostly.
    7. Traffic generation, whether free or paid, should always be funnelled through a system of collection. Every single unique visitor you receive should be an opportunity to collect that person: social followers and subscribers, mostly.
    8. Having traffic and traffic platforms (socials, newsletters) is useless (or at least inefficient) unless you know how to convert those potential leads into action-taking leads.
    9. Diversification is vital. Never become complacement when it comes to traffic generation. Systems and platforms are here today, and often gone tomorrow.
    10. Fine targeting. The more finely targeted your traffic, coupled with what you do with that traffic, the more efficient your system, the more money you'll tend to make.
    - Tom

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