B2B marketing strategies?

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Hi guys! I have a snails farm and snails factory. Basically what we do is export snails production such as snails caviar, canned snails and so on... we do have couple of clients but it's not enough. However we dont really do any marketing campaigns and its hard to attract clients by placing an ad on alibaba. So guys maybe some of you could give me some advice what kind of strategies I could implement to grow this business? Thanks!
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    Have you tried Yelp?
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    Google Adwords all day. Go on udemy.com buy a few courses and get to work.
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    Consider joining World Wide Brands.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Can you describe your target demographic for me? I can possibly Help if I know who your customer is.
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    Hello there,

    I believe that having a solid marketing plan for your business would really help, especially that you are in that kind of industry. Yes, the Internet can help you market your products. However, it should be a joint collaboration between your Internet marketing efforts as well as your word-of-mouth and/or traditional marketing efforts.

    Know what your target market/s is/are, as well as your scope. Then, that's when you can plan thoroughly and spontaneously on what actions you can do and what strategies you can implement. In addition, you can also utilize Facebook or Youtube to show a glimpse of what your business offers; show a video of your snails farm, your products, how it can be of benefits to others, and so on.. Make a video ad on these sites and GIVE YOUR BEST SHOT! In this way, people will know what you offer and have interest on it.

    I would like to help you more. You can leave a message and will work on that. Best of luck!
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    Marketing is as important as production. You should make a budget for your marketing campaigns. Maybe start with Google Adwords and tightly target your potential customers based on buyer keywords. PPC ads is the fastest but expensive way to find clients. You can also build your brand by having a presence on social media, and at the same time you can keep your followers updated on any special offers you might offer.
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    Bellow mention are some good B2B maketing strategies:
    1) Email Marketing
    2) Guest Blogging
    3) Facebook Ads
    4) Social Media
    5) Content Marketing: From Blogging to Microsites
    6) Create goals and milestones
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    Guys thank You very much for your responses! I will definitely try Yelp. Since there is a plenty of companies that I could offer our production. Also I will try to implement other stuff you guys suggested! Thank You
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    The following is some B2B marketing strategies:
    1) Email Marketing
    2) Guest Blogging
    3) Facebook Ads
    4) Social Media
    5) Content Marketing
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