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Google doesn't take kindly to duplicate content. So, what do you think of posting a blog post and then sharing it elsewhere for distribution and more exposure?

Many bloggers use Medium, simply copy and pasting their original blog post with a link back to their website at the end.

The sheer number of bloggers who do this would lead me to believe it is a safe practice - am I wrong?
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    The Google duplicate content issue is with content duplicated on one single website, not across the web. How do you think the various news syndication websites survive where they syndicate their stories everywhere?

    All you need to do is make sure Google has indexed your material on your own website before you distribute it elsewhere.

    I wrote a detailed post about this on my blog a few years ago, but every time include any links in a post here, the post gets deleted, so I won't do that.
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    go for it...

    just make you posted it on your site first.. ping it and link to it...

    -Ike Paz
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