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by Bruha
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I'm looking for content Curation tools to bring content to my WordPress site. Ideally I'd like to also be able to bring in social media posts in addition to news stories.
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    I use Feedly.. then publish with Press This.
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    i use fan page robot

    its ok..

    -Ike Paz
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    I'm interested also
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    IMO, curation is meant to be a strategy for providing your audience with the most relevant and timely information possible online.

    I personally believe the model provides the very best information when a human expert in the niche decides what his/her audience will see. That expert best understands:
    • What his audience has already seen on the site
    • What type of information fits into the overall niche web site strategy
    • What information is original and valuable to his audience
    • The authority and credibility of the content source
    • What information is newsworthy and current vs. old dusty info
    • What his audience desires or wants from his site
    If you just use auto-posting software for your curation, none of these factors will be taken into account. Some of the curation software I have seen doesn't even output intelligent readable copy. Massive editing is necessary and probably means slower curation than not using the software at all.

    A better way to do curation, IMO, is to use software for the purpose of gathering specific keyword related articles and posts from around the Internet - it's your way of seeing what's currently available.

    Once you have a list of articles and posts, then you as the expert, can read and review what's there for it's appropriateness, quality, and "fit" for your audience. You can pick and choose from among the pool of information you have gathered and choose what you feel will make the best presentation for your audience.

    I have not found any software that will choose what I would choose or write what I would write. How can it?

    To me, at least, it's all about what you want to serve your audience. IMO, if they are your top priority, I think they deserve your own personal effort. Most definitely, curating and writing yourself is more time consuming than turning a software loose and letting it do it's thing. But it's worth it in the quality and relevancy of the finished product.


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    You can use MyCurator, this content curation software has great curation tools. You can actually use Get It Bookmarklet to curate content while you're browsing, and there's Notebooks that lets you save the best articles and posts you find for use in your original articles or to build complex content curation posts. Let me know what you think!
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    take a look at wprobot


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    Steve B, thanks for the input. I agree with you 100%. I'm more looking for software to find things in my niche based on keywords. Then I'd be the final approver of what gets posted to my site.

    I'm looking at Press This, but it's not wanting to work. Any other options out there?

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    You can try CurationTraffic plugin (Curation Traffic Plugin a WordPress Content Curation Plugin) to bring content to your wordpress blog and save time, or you can just do this manually.
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    Instead of the paid curation plug ins, try the free curation plugins for wordpress first like ExpressCurate plugin
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    How is this done manually?

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    Outsource it to an HUMAN.

    You can find people with reviews doing it on Upwork, Peopleperhour.

    Better asking to one of them and then when you find a good one for your niche, you ask him a recurrent membership.

    There aren't bots who can do this for you.
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    Do we have software also which can be used to non-WordPress?
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