19 different ways to earn passive income using web content articles

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Content is King, and the internet is practically fueled by content. That means there are virtually endless ways to make money using web content. Today, allow me to share a few ways in which you can monetize your web content and earn virtually endless passive income very minimal or no intervention after set up.

Here we go;

1. Turn them into an ebook; and sell it on Amazon, or digital affiliate websites. Still, you can put up a simple one-page website with a <buy> button.

2. Submission sites: Two options; Post your best articles on EzineArticles, Reddit etc and drop in your backlinks for more traffic and sales back on your website. Or, earn directly from viewership of your posted articles on Quora, Hubspot, etc.

3. Write and sell: Write some quality niche-based web content based on high value keywords and sell them directly on article marketplace. Warrior marketplace is a good place to start.

4. Turn an ebook into bits and sell:
Yeah, on the flip side, you can break down your ebook and sell it as chapters or single articles

5. Buy, upgrade and resell: If you do not have enough time to write content from scratch, you can request cheaper versions from sites like Freelancer and Upwork, refine them, add some spices, and resell on a high value content marketplace.

6. Use SEO articles to build traffic: SEO using content is the cheapest way to attract, engage and convert visitors on your website into returning buyers.

7. Promote affiliate products: Sprinkle your affiliate links here and there in your web content articles or blog post to bring in more sales.

8. Promote your product or service: Nothing carries your marketing and sales message than well written content on product descriptions, reviews, blog posts etc.

9. Transcript videos for a fee: You can start by transcription and selling video scripts of trending videos. Or transcript on request via video transcript job boards

10. Write for a fee: This is pretty direct. There are hundreds of content writing platforms you can make direct money by writing for other members on freelance basis.

11. Start a blog: The idea is to attract enough traffic on your blog using niche content, then sell ad space to other internet marketers.

12. Start a niche website: Niche websites are primarily driven by niche content and a little bit of hype here and there. You can choose to create your own niche product e.g. a weight lose secrete recipe, or promote other people's niche products. All you need is 50 to 100 SEO optimized quality articles around the product or micro-niche and you are good to go.

13. Build a mailing list: The best web hook for building a mailing list are free ebooks. Create free short but valuable ebook and offer them to your visitors in exchange for sign up or email address.

14. Bundle your articles into a newsletter: Keeping your fans updated is crucial for retaining their loyalty and membership. So bundle up those weekly news items and articles in a mini-newsletter and share some love. Do not forget to design a pretty newsletter cover for it.

15. Set up an article online store:
If you can afford to advance things a little, set up a basic article ecommerce store and upload your extra articles for sell. (You can also offer space for other writers to sell their pieces at a small commission)

16. Give away your premium articles!-To build audience. Commonly done through guest posting.

17. Rent your articles/ebooks: Sites like constant-content allow you to sell your full or partial rights to other publishers to use your article.

18. Write and sell an e-book: If you have unique, extensive knowledge in a certain subject matter. Dive right in and write an ebook or two and put it up for sell. Experiment with various available ebook selling platforms to see what works for you.

19. Offer free e-books, with affiliate links: If you do not wish to offer that niche ebook for sell, you can offer it for free and let it work for you and distributing your affiliate links far and widely.

Those are what could pull off my fingertips for now. Feel free to add even more creative ways of making money online using web content.

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