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Hello Warriors,

Created a new report and squeeze page and would like to get some constructive criticism.

Nando Presents The Underground Affiliate Manifesto

Thanks for your help.

P.S. if you choose to unsubscribe after getting the offer it's cool, I'm more concerned with the feedback. So it's cool no hard feelings.

Thanks again,
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    I have to say that I love the headline and the ecover looks great.

    There was one problem I had though, and I'm using the latest version of Firefox - here's a pic of it -

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      Hey Drew,

      Thanks for pointing that out, I'm having trouble getting rid of that in firefox. If you switch over to IE it looks right. If I change it to fit firefox it gets jacked up in IE.

      Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks for your positive comments.
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    At the Bottom you are asking a question "You think the Super Affiliates are playing fair?"

    I would word it Do you think the Super Affiliates are playing fair?"
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    I do not like the no-headline headline.

    That does not mean that is does not work. But I bet, a "real" headline would pull 3 times better.

    I did not get at all what the site is all about. I spend the usual 10 seconds trying to figure it out and left. I only remember it was some kind of headline talking about you not getting the usual crap. Fine. But no clue what I would get. I just left.

    So, I would suggest to bluntly state in your headline, what it is that you sell. There is a reason that headlines are used and that they are used in a certain fashion.
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      Thanks Drew,

      For checking out the code. It looks like there's one extra closed table tag. I'll check it out and see what happens.

      Thanks for the honest critique. I have a couple of headlines and I'm going to do some split testing. Thanks again for checking it out.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      The arrow is a pretty good idea, I'll play around with some graphics and see how I can implement it. Thx.

      Thank you everyone for helping me out.
      Much appreciated.
      The Marketing Rinnegato Cometh... stay tuned. This link leads to my Warrior blog...
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    Hi Nando,

    as a recommendation for you: your name. I always like to use a different font, the handwritten ones. It is just a pesonal thing but I think this gives just that extra flashy factor to it and looks more professional. is a really good font site with tons to choose from and it's free ! When you found a font you want to use just go to C:/WINDOWS/Fonts and copy the file you downloaded there. Than type into Word your name and use the font (it's in the list with others now), adjust some stuff like boldness or size, whatever you want.

    Then select the text and press crtl+C, open paint, adjust the image so it's not to big and save it. Use the image so everyone can see it and your done

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    As someone else suggested, having what the user is about to get in the headline may be better for you.

    However, apart from that, good work
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    I did`nt read anything on your page just checked the page design.. now I really don`t think that your background color should be black Make it neutral gray or somethingl ike that... You should do some research on colors and what impulses each color is sending out to the visitor...

    The Only Way We Can Truly Heal The World Is To Heal Ourselves First

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      Hey guys,

      Thanks for the help.


      Your right about the name deal. I'm going to take care of that today and thanks for the recommendation. Appreciated.


      I've created three different variations of this page each with different headlines to see what gets the best response. Thanx for checking it out.


      Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely take that into consideration. It's tricky finding the right color that caters to buying triggers without picking a color that clashes with the graphic.
      Thanx again.


      Thanx man for your help, I had to change a couple things to get it to look right. Took a couple of hours, but when you consider the goal which is conversions... it's a small price to pay.

      Thanx again bro.

      Your all helping to me to get the biggest bang for my buck and I really appreciate it.
      The Marketing Rinnegato Cometh... stay tuned. This link leads to my Warrior blog...
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