Closed! 2 "newbies" and 3 experienced marketers to beta test 2 programs

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Hi folks,

We have two programs we've been selling for about a year.
IM Research Power Tool and WF Thread DownLoader.
For both its time for new, improved versions.

IM Research Power Tool gives you fantastic "one-click"
search capability, using your default browser, for
over 40 marketing related sites.

Search major search engines, domains, keywords, article
directories, forum and image sites, Wikipedia and Twitter.
Additionally, you can add and save custom search strings for your
repeated searches.

WF Thread DownLoader helps you download and save WF threads
as .htm files in either full or a printer friendly version.

These two programs are Windows XP and Vista only!

Both programs are small file sizes and neither installs dlls or
makes registry entries. For purposes of retaining your recent search terms
and your custom search strings, IMRPT installs a small text file
on your machine.

To be as close to certain before releasing the new versions that they
will do what they're supposed to do we would appreciate five (5) folks,
with varying levels of experience, to use and try to break them.

If you have time to do this over the next two days please send a PM.

We'll select five (5) folks to be the beta testers.

Two will be relative "newbies" and three will be experienced marketers.

In addition to our everlasting gratitude the testers will also be given the
final release versions of IM Research Power Tool and WF Thread DownLoader.


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    I have been trying to break one and haven't so far, but some of you other Warriors are most likely better breakers than I am.


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  • Profile picture of the author Peggy Baron
    Hey Elmer,

    You know I love your IM Research Power Tool and I use it quite often. I'm excited to see the new version. I like the idea of the WF Thread Downloader. PM sent!

    P.S. Between Ken and I, if it can be broke... we can do it.
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    • Profile picture of the author Michael Mayo

      Your PM box will fill up faster than a baby's diaper...

      Have a Great Day!
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      • Profile picture of the author Elmer Hurlstone
        Well, thanks to all who have shown interest!

        I just sent the DL links for the test package to three fairly/well experienced Warriors.

        We still need a couple newcomers to to help out.

        For some of you folks just getting into online marketing this is an opportunity to receive over $50.00 worth of, useful, free software for a bit of your time.

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    Hey Elmer,

    The search tool is especially nice, and I'm glad to see you guys are updating it.

    I've been messing with this latest version, and found no bugs. And trust me, I always put apps thru the mill, it's the only way to give them a fair shakedown.

    To whoever else is reading this thread ...

    I think if a couple of you ask Elmer nicely, he'll let you take it for a good test drive providing you tell him your findings after using it.

    It's a very handy tool that I think you will appreciate.

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    Hey, Elmer ... you said newbies? Count me in!
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      Okay, I'm running the WFTD through my rigorous testing.

      It passed the first test... Easy to figure out without reading the short manual.

      You know what, I think I'll just open the WF in this tool whenever I'm going to be spending time on the WF because that way I can save what I want, print what I want, and do either when I want.

      I'm diggin the printer-friendly version, and my printer ink cartridges thank you for that too.

      Now I'm going to try to break the new version of IMRPT.

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        I am a newbie and would love to participate
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    I would like to test it I may it sounds a fantastic programme
    La dominatrix
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    • Profile picture of the author Elmer Hurlstone
      Thanks to all who have responded.

      This offer is now closed.

      We've sent Beta packages to three experienced marketers, two "newbies" and one, for lack of a better term, "middle-of-the-roader".

      We appreciate your willingness to assist,

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  • Profile picture of the author hipnol
    Hey Elmer,

    Thanks for the products. I jus tried and tested both of them and here are my views and comments about them.

    1. WF thread downloader: Idea behind the tool is really good, when you click the download thread, the entire thread gets downloaded irrespective of which page you are browsing in. Only lack I see is with color combination, its bit dark to see text(in downloading options (like d/l all pages, printer friendly version etc.)), make it some light color and you rock. There is another lack I found, it simply downloads the pages in html format, but if I want to view it offline, there is no way I can get images - in this forum, images are important as few marketers share images to demonstrate something and such images are really worth more than 1000 words. Hope you look at this. It consumes 35MB of RAM which you might need to reduce as users are not always rich with system resources. If there are any ways to avoid vbulletin logo in printer friendly version, that would be great.

    2. IMRPT: The user interface is not that impressive, but its really useful that you have made it to stay "always on top" so that I don't need to go to taskbar and click it everytime to see the application. Also, I like that it launches it in my regular default browser and not the IE. Even here, spending 8MB of RAM for such tiny application is expensive.

    Nice work totally. Good luck

    Check out Katreena Kaif - guess you will be interested in Wallpapers of Katrina Kaif

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    • Profile picture of the author nextebizguy
      Hi Hipnol,

      Thanks for the comments!

      1. WFTD
      If you don't want the whole thread, you deselect "auto" and then choose what pages of the thread you want. Regarding the downloads, many people want the HTML forum pages to preserve formats, links, etc. How about sending to Elmer a screenshot of the program so we can look at the color issues? Regarding memory, since the tool includes an embedded web browser, the browser memory footprint grows as needed to render html and images (just like IE, Firefox, and all other browsers). Not much I can do there.

      2. IMRPT
      The UI is minimal and masks the many rich features under a toolbar menu. It's that way by design as many people want to preserve as much screen real estate as possible. For me 8mb of ram is very low overhead.

      Thanks again for your comments.
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  • Profile picture of the author Bev Clement
    WF Downloader, I haven't tested the new version but you can bypass the html in the old version.

    Go to word or open office


    Paste Special

    Choose txt and it will copy it as txt without any of the images
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