Where it is better to buy a traffic for the partner ClickFunnels program? read...

by Mihail
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I welcome all colleagues!

I want to ask for suggestions you.
I have an experience in internet marketing. As as works, I do not need to explain. But unfortunately I badly am guided on the English-speaking Internet. As well as bad English))) But I understand some moments.

I want to advertize a funnel from ClickFunnels. But I do not know where it is possible to buy a traffic.
I do not want to use Facebook meanwhile.

Prompt where it is better to buy a traffic for testing.
It is possible where that is the exchange for example the email of mailings and authors with whom it is possible will agree?

I hope my message on sense to you clear. I just want to buy a little traffic and to otprafit it in the partner ClickFunnels program - Russel Brunson.

Thanks for any ideas.
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