Does JVZoo allow referring sub-affiliates, and 2nd tier commissions?

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Suppose I want to refer affiliates to a product owner in JVZoo. Does JVZoo allow and support it? Can the product owner add me as a referrer for affiliates I refer to him, and assign me a % as sub-affiliate commission?

CB allows many ways to do JV Contracts. So it can be easily done in ClickBank. But does JVZoo allow any way to do this?

I know they (JVZoo) have a partnership contract - where you can get a share of EVERY sale of a product. But that's not what I want. I want affiliate referral - where I get credit for only sales made by affiliates who are referred by me.
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    CB does this via TID extensions

    Isn't JVZoo's link structure the same?

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    It will depend on the vendor. Some vendors have multiple tier affiliate programs while most only have the single tier.


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