Solution for tracking offline affiliate sales, or implementation of a new system

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Hi there,

I have a client that offers private investigation services. He'd like me to be his web/online marketing agent, wherein I do everything for his websites and online marketing in exchange for 10% of his online sales.

The problem: Most of his actual sales come by way of cash, check, or Western Union online.

The Question: How can we implement a system that would be relatively automated, which would allow us to track the clients that came to him through his websites?

Thanks so much for any suggestions.
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    There are a lot of payment gateways - it just comes down to your needs and budget. There is PayPal, Stripe, Infusionsoft, 2checkout, google wallet, skrill,
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    • I'm not necessarily looking for a payment gateway... I'm looking to implement a solution or process that would allow me to 1) attach an identifier to a potential client once they fill out a 'free consultation' form, and then 2) track when (and how much) that client has paid in services to my client.
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    EASY to solve.

    Use Email Marketing! Firstly, collect email. then put a tracking code to the page where they purchase the service, through paypal, stripe etc, and another tracking code to the page AFTER they have purchased the service.

    It seems complex but in fact it's easy.

    WHY using so many tracking codes?

    Cause with email marketing and these code you can have different follow up, different mail, if the visitors turn into customer, or if he abandon the cart (so you can send email for askin why, give discount or persuade them to buy), or if he simply visit.


    you don't leave the money in the table! Most of the user leave a website after 30 second: use this range of time to ask their mail, so you can build a list, and then use this list also to find SIMILAR clients in fb.
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  • Hi Connann,

    Thanks for your response, but your solution of email marketing would not solve my affiliate sales problem in this situation for many reasons... 1) My client doesn't have a shopping cart website. 2) He sells offline services, which force a phone call or face-to-face before payment is made. 3) As stated before, payment is most often made via cash, check or Western Union online.
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    There are systems that allow you to have a phone number on a website that has a unique code associated with each website visitor... So the site is managed by you, and whomever answers the phone must ask for the code or extension by the phone number, and then you track phone leads. But this won't solve the fact that you will have to trust the client to throw you the 10% bone for each sale that closes where you are the source of the lead... There is no system that tracks "trust" unfortunately... If you want more details. here's a good place to start:

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