Where to get a SSL certificate ?

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I am with Godaddy shared hosting and recently got a notification in search console with a warning to migrate to https.How to do that?
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    Here's a free - opensource solution:


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  • Contact godaddy customer care ( Good customer care support ), They will happy to help you..

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    Here is a link to a YouTube search which provides with you with hundreds of videos that will show you how you can do it for free:


    Personally, unless you have an eCom website that has it's own built-in checkout page where you would be collecting sensitive payment information, I don't think you really need it.

    There is absolutely no reason why a regular niche blog or even a review blog would need one, unless they were collecting payment info right on the site. For instance, if you had WooCommerce installed and you wanted to collect payment with Stripe or you wanted to collect payment with PayPal without having the buyer leave your website, you would have to have SSL enabled in order to integrate that.

    If you want to have a review blog where people are clicking affiliate links and paying off-site or even if you are selling your own products but people are paying through JVZoo, Warrior Plus, or even your own PayPal buttons, since they are leaving your site and paying through those other gateways which are already SSL enabled, then you do not need to have an SSL enabled on your blog.

    Google has got everybody running scared with this because they are now using it as a "ranking signal" (which I have seen no evidence that it has affected my own website's rankings).

    However, if it's easy enough to do, I guess there is no harm in doing it. I won't be doing it, however, just because Google says I have to. The reason being is that Google is not my boss and they don't run my business or the Internet. I run my own business and I'm not going to go running around putting SSL certs on the dozens of niche blogs I have just because they say so.
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    Usually I'll use the free SSL certificate that most hosts have implemented or I'd get one from https://www.ssls.com/ ($5 per year). GoDaddy is expensive for SSL certificates.
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    You can easily get SSL certificate from your hosting provider
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      Originally Posted by sunpeaks589 View Post

      You can easily get SSL certificate from your hosting provider
      Hostgator $39
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        Save 39 bucks and get letsencrypt, which will do the same work as any other single domain certificate. Don't pay for those anymore, it's flushing money down the drain.

        Even on seoforum, they say there are no SEO issues when using letsencrypt: https://seoforum.com/thread/lets-enc...id-certificate
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    I second let's encrypt :-)

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    Some hosts offer SSL certificates with their web hosting plans (at no additional cost). Check if your host offers them as well. You may opt for Let's Encrypt SSL certificates, if you like.

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    Get 3 months FREE SSL from SSL.com
    The link is here:

    Also, if you've Namecheap hosting. Check your SSL panel.
    You must have a 1 Year SSL Free of charge.
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    Godaddy charges too much for SSL and They did not provide SSL with their shared hosting plans. Which is a big drawback? If you are ready it afford the cost then buy an SSL from Godaddy and install it.

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    If you can manage with Let'sEncrypt for DV SSL, that is the best way in the market so far. Other upgrade certificates like EV, OV go for other providers.
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    Go with Lets Encrypt for SSL certificates
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    since your website files onto Godaddy, so purchase your SSL from Godaddy.
    it's better to order your certificate from hosting provider itself.
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    Does GoDaddy offer Let's Encrypt through cPanel ?
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      Originally Posted by dilipcybex View Post

      Does GoDaddy offer Let's Encrypt through cPanel ?
      Yes, they do! A few clicks setup SSL.
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    You can use CloudFlare SSL for your sites. It's totally free of charge. I think with small and medium websites, free SSL plan is enough for them.
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    I've used Comodo before to get a simple SSL certificate, plus it'll show a badge that leads to your active and certified SSL certificate on the bottom right hand side of every page of your website.

    Very easy process they will just need to see your business license and possibly a zoning permit due to where you live and your county laws.

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    Go to your domain registrar and ask them to install the certificate

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    Let's Encrypt provides you with a SSL cert for free. You'll have the option of adding it to your sites both by command prompts and GUI panels.
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