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Hey, guys! New to Warrior Forum. Just wanted to make my introduction by asking this question.

So I recently caught an Alex Becker video of him describing basically what I like to call "sales funnel consulting". I'm not exactly sure if that's the PC name for it, but I'm gonna roll with that. I'm just curious to know if anybody is doing this?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about basically what he outlined in the video was the following:
  1. You pick a small business niche or a high value business niche.
  2. You create a funnel and Facebook ad targeting that niche.
  3. You get a client.
  4. You build a funnel for that particular client for a setup and management fee.
  5. Obtain more clients with your funnel and ads and build them funnels that got you results.

Now there are a lot things in between some of those steps that you have to do, but I just gave you a 30,000 foot view of basically what he describes in this video.

My question to you guys is do you think this is a valid business model or for that matter are you or do you know anyone doing this?

Thanks, guys!
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    Keep watching and learning, my friend.

    Some people run the whole thing...some do part of the funnel. I'm a Conversion guy, not a Traffic guy. So I hire someone to manage the traffic part of the funnel.

    The key is developing some expertise and seeing where you want to fit in.

    Becker is a guy to watch and learn from.
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    If you have the ability to produce results.. #1 produce a funnel that gets clients, and #2 create a funnel that produces results for your clients.. yeah its a valid business model.

    It would obviously be about the targeting.. so if you understand targeting, then I would say go for it!
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    Thanks guys for the feedback!
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    nice your concept is too good.
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    you can make $5K per customer without a sale funnel, do you know it?

    facebook for example, converts like crazy :-)
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    Very big topic in our niche. Many will use a done-for-you funnel process where you are generally selling products as an affiliate. Eventually, others will take courses or learn by trial and error on how to build a funnel for themselves.

    Basically, the most common method of starting the funnel is to give away a free product - ebook, usb, video course, etc. When someone takes advantage of this offer, you have their email address. Even if they don't go on to purchase any of the upsells at sign-up you can email them again later. And you don't need to be emailing them about the original offer. You can contact them about any other offers you think they might have an interest in.

    You can do this again and again until they unsubscribe. This is list building, and though it often begins with a free item, it's probably one of the most valuable investments you can make in internet marketing.
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    Good , Sir But I Need More Study ON This Concept. Because I am Beginner In Digital Marketing Field.
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    Originally Posted by Raheem Jamaal View Post

    My question to you guys is do you think this is a valid business model or for that matter are you or do you know anyone doing this?

    Thanks, guys! there are many who do this, Russell Brunson is another
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