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Can any one tell me what is the value of Cheap Web Hosting With Free Domain Name

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    any one please?
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      It's not worth much unless someone develops it or can use those letters for something (imho).

      It would need to be branded or known for something.

      If you see aaa or nbc or cbs you know what you are typing in. Why would I type vzk in a google search?

      If you can build a bazillion backlinks and tie the initials to something then you might have something worth something.

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    Originally Posted by WARRIOR_USA View Post

    Can any one tell me what is the value of Cheap Web Hosting With Free Domain Name

    three letters, no appreciable association to any product I have. vzk (.) com . . .

    Not worth much to me, but there are not a lot of the 3 letters available.

    I wouldn't pay much for it personally.

    Any traffic infomation?

    It appears to have a history going back to 2003 when it was a florist site.
    It was for sale in 2004
    It appears to have been a portal directing to a web host provider in 2005 through the end of 2007, likely a seldom promoted reseller's page. Looks like about 15 pages and 5 inbound links showing in Yahoo, about 85 links showing in Google.

    Unless I had a specific use for it, I wouldn't pay much for it. And that's really what the appraisal has to come down to. What is the domain worth to the buyer and seller.

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    i think that particular 3letter is pretty low on value unless there is a specific product and/or business associated with it. It is semi-catchy and reminds me of a rap group,radio station,or power drink!
    I would list it somewhere for free, like and see what happens. I'd hang on to it from there if not sold , you never know what business is going to launch at any time and would pay what you ask.
    I held onto a domain name for 7 years and sold it for 6k just out of the blue. Happens often. So if affordable for you, keep it close.
    I am taking on only ecover design work for the next 90 days. Rates are 47.00 for single cover, discounts for multiple..just ask! No payment until completed. for sample works
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    Prices of three letter .coms the last few months: $19,393 2008-09-17 $5,800 2008-09-10 $5,469 2008-09-10 $9,101 2008-09-06 $6,250 2008-09-06 $5,299 2008-09-05 $5,778 2008-08-28 $18,501 2008-08-28 $27,000 2008-08-27 $88,800 2008-08-20 $6,652 2008-08-19 $12,600 2008-08-19 $6,900 2008-08-18 $16,000 2008-08-06 $6,680 2008-07-31 $6,600 2008-07-31 $9,600 2008-07-24
    gâ®.com $548 2008-07-24 $14,000 2008-07-24 $20,200 2008-07-19 $6,100 2008-07-17
    â¡ $210 2008-07-16 $15,300 2008-07-16 moniker/
    domainermeeting $9,300 2008-07-16 $55,000 2008-07-09
    Note that these closing figures do not take into account any traffic/revenue a given domain might have, which can influence the price. But if you take out anything with a vowel or a non-alpha character, you should be able to weed out the ones that were priced up by traffic/rev and get a good general idea of where the market is on your domain. You could also just put it up for sale at one of the major markets and see what kind of offers you get.

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      Minimum wholesale price of a is currently at $5400. The prices have gone down recently though. Just a few months ago the minimum was at around $7500.

      Here's a price guide that may help, but remember this is just for sales to other domainers, not to endusers: - 3 Character Domain Name Price Guide

      A good place to try to sell it if you decide to is DNForum or Namepros.
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    Tim, what is a "wholesale" domain price? The price on the aftermarket vs. end user price?

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      Originally Posted by fm1234 View Post

      Tim, what is a "wholesale" domain price? The price on the aftermarket vs. end user price?

      Hi Frank

      Yeh, wholesale means to sell to resellers as opposed to end users who will use the domain to make a website. The minimum would be for the worst combinations of letters possible for these LLL.coms. There are premium letters, medium quality letters and low quality letters. has 2 mid quality letters and 1 low quality letter. I wish I had invested in these years ago like some people did.

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