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hey guys
hope you're doing well

i bought hundreds of courses on how to make money online
i said To myself I need to find something else I literally search
how to make money online on Google I found hundreds of courses
on how to make money online, i bought 1 I bought another one and another
one and ended up buying 31 courses wasting over $2,000 because they
said I would be rich overnight and I believe that there was a secret way
to get money really fast but today I'm telling you that this does not exist
you're being lied to your being scammed I've been there and there are
so many people online that want to steal your money, how many
of you have seen these guys in front of a Lamborghini on a beach with
a beautiful house or something like this ?

there are a lot of Shady people on the internet now I've learnt
one lesson from all of this, building Audience that knows you ,like you
,and trust you and then sell them something to solve they're problems
, this is literally how you watching this video right now can become an
internet entrepreneur and build a real online business building audiences
and sell them something to solve their problems and audience that knows
likes and trust you

so How can I build an audience now?, so I can I sell them stuff, the
fastest way to build an audience that knows likes and trust you
is with YouTube even with 0 subscribers , youtube
is by far the fastest way to grow in video marketing building an audience
getting them to connect with you show them a little bit of your personality
and with some posting on facebook,Instagram, Twitter,forums you can
get some views and subscribers to start bulding your audience and
youtube starts to recognize you and your videos get ranked ,
forget blogging , the future is video Marketing
Nobody have the time to read through websites these days

that's why i think that video marketing is the best
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    Maybe you are right about video traffic but dont forget that its hard to rank video that have much competetion too just same like blog
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    "Nobody have the time to read through websites these days" that's your line after 3 big chunks of text. Well I read the text, so don't think you're quite right about that one.

    Sure, videos are certainly going to be very popular but not everyone likes to watch them and prefer to read instead. So blogging will never die!

    Good luck with YT though :-)
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    video is alot easier to rank than a blog or a website. do not forget that videos are a nubers game. you have to keep making videos and uploading them. now someone watches your video, the other videos will be suggested videos. make sure it is great content in the videos
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    youtube literally can n will give you audience, you just need to add value giving away those value regularly to people before giving them your link or offer

    you simply need to stop buying courses n start doing something

    pls do so

    digital startup looking for partners in China, Taiwan, HK, Korea & Japan. PM me

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  • Profile picture of the author ryanbiddulph
    I'd focus on this idea Khaled: your skills, developed over years of practice, can yield you a fortune via your generous service, over years, on many online platforms.

    Videos rock buddy. But YouTube does not make commissions. YouTube is an inanimate object; it cannot do anything A skilled video marketer, using a tool known as YouTube, they can slay a good way And skilled video marketers spend thousands of hours in front of the camera and editing videos. Put in the time, love your craft, and via most channels, you'll succeed.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • Profile picture of the author Eric Lovelace
    My beginnings to online marketing and making some money involved creating review videos on products.

    Keep the videos between 5 to 7 mins long

    State the product name

    Show any proof the vendor's may have

    Details of the product and how it can help the viewer improve their problem

    Identify a missing piece to the product, and fill it with your own personalized bonus.

    Call to action at the end; i.e. Click the link below to grab the product

    Hope this helps you
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    Some good info on Youtube marketing here.

    One tip I would like to add is : Don't neglect the description beneath the video.

    You can add up to 250 words of text here.

    I always add text with keywords relevant to my video - and find that my videos rank really well because of this feature.

    All the best

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    You can reupload Creative Common content they already have on Youtube and outrank the current video with better descriptions, text, keywords etc.
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  • Profile picture of the author Stacey Cee
    I definitely believe videos have a larger captive audience, so You Tube is an awesome platform to market videos. I don't think blogging will go away though, because people will always read, as long as they are interested in the subject.

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