100% commissions to affiliates. "$7 dollar script" still works?

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Hello, fellow Warriors!

Are systems like the "$7 dollar script" effective today?

The idea is to create a product and give affiliates 100% commissions - instantly and directly paid to their own Paypal account.

It goes without saying that the offer should be legit and genuinely valuable.

I'm asking because this script sounded like a fine idea and was extremely popular - but virtually nobody seems to be using it today.

I'm trying to understand why. :-)

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    That 'popularity' was ten years ago. Use search to find what is working for instant payments today.

    $7 dollar script took a big hit when Paypal started closing accounts that were using that script to sell.

    Often some of the best scripts and methods are lost because they become too popular - too many people using them - people using them poorly or for unintended purposes.

    Rapid Action Profits (RAP) may be a good place to begin your search...

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    that brings back good memories.

    You can still earn 100% commissions selling other peoples products if you search JVzoo and Warriorplus.

    Although you are an affiliate you can sometimes earn $10+ on the "front end".

    Hope this helps

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    I would beware of using such a script to with paypal as your payment processor. Paypal is closing accounts that do this because it seems like pyamarid scheme in their eyes.
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    You can always create your own niche product, have the copywriting done by someone like "Shawn Lebrun" here on the Warriorforum, outsource the graphics, create marketing tools for it, offer it for $7, then offer full commissions for it to affiliates. This could be done within a matter of 7 days.

    It's not "instant" like the $7 script - nor is it a script - but only takes about 15 minutes per day to manage for affiliate commission payments. If you dont have that kind of time to invest into something that could be profitable... then i dont know what kind of time that you have.
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    If you are looking for affiliate management software, a lot of them are there like...

    Impact Radius.
    Click Inc.

    Or, you can always use JVZoo, Clickbank, ShareaSale, etc.
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    Does anyone used HasOffers for a long time? Do you know any similar platforms? Im checking HOQU.. And wanted to know your opinion on this one. Very interested in how to work with this platform.
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