Guerilla Marketing Internet Marketing Tactics 2019

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Has anyone here read the original Guerilla Marketing Books? They have a great vault of useful Marketing strategies, but they were written a few years ago and the times change so quickly. Now in 2019 what are your Guerilla Marketing Techniques that work for you and provide results?
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    Can you explain for me and for everybody else what Guerilla is?
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    That book is my marketing Bible. I make myself re-read it at least once per year.

    In today's internet age, where everyone is obsessed with the internet, I believe the strategies that he covers in that book are even MORE relevant today.

    Offline marketing is where it is at, and that's advice coming from a successful internet marketer.
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    The term "Guerilla Marketing" was actually coined by Jay Levinson back in 1984. He compiled hundreds of little online and offline marketing strategies (ie, "high impact weapons") to help small business succeed against large and established competitors with large advertising budgets.

    As mentioned, it is now perhaps even more relevant and powerful than it was 35 years ago. Personally, I've had astounding success in some of the most hotly competitive niches consistently for more than 20 years using these subtly powerful yet simple techniques.
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    When you do your online marketing using those "free" social medias like youtube, facebook, twitter, etc... then you just do guerrilla marketing.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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    My number one guerilla organic promotion strategy is using forums like reddit to share genuine stories and promote my products and knowledge.
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    Some of the guerrilla marketing strategies I use successfully are:

    1. Postcards
    2. Drop Cards
    3. Flyers
    4. Car Stickers
    5. Bandit Signs
    6. Fish Bowl
    7. Newspaper classifieds

    Just get creative and think outside the box. Get in the head of your target market. Figure out places they hang out and find creative and low cost ways to reach them.
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    My guerrilla 'technique' is to use my mailing as my source of content AND traffic.

    It took me a while to build a self-sustaining, self-scaling mail-based system
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    An excellent and free Guerilla Marketing Tactic is to take advantage of all free Classifieds Forums especially Craigslist & Backpage. Also to utilize question answering on Quora and Yahoo Answers.
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    Printing T shirts with the company logo or the recognition of the company is a great Guerilla Marketing strategy ..
    the t shirts may printed to were anyone who walk in the streets and anyone who are not contact with the company, I mean the t shirt must print using good designs that may attracted by youth society.
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    My entire internet marketing career and success has come from cold email outreach.

    While it's not for everyone. Done right, it can be extremely cost-effective/profitable.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    20+ Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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    Another Guerilla Tactic is to get on Social Media posts quality articles, pictures, videos, Infographics and use all the most popular hash tags related to your niche. You can create a huge following like that.
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    As a network marketer, it is essential now more than ever to have a strong online presence such as a website/blog, widely distributed articles, active social media, marketing funnel, YouTube etc., for optimally generating leads and attracting MLM recruits.

    However, offline guerilla marketing tactics as described in "Guerilla Marketing" by Jay Levinson are still unbeatable for quickly solidifying relationships and leveraging the warm markets of new distributors.

    Keep in mind that how you prospect in MLM should be an example of how you train your downline to prospect. That means for new people, they most likely do not have an online presence. It takes time to get established.

    Early steps to success can generally be achieved more quickly offline, which may often make the difference between a distributor quitting from disappointment or retention.
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