Outbound Click tracking and Reporting issues - HELP!!

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Hi Guys,

I have been struggling with a tracking issue for months now. I have a wordpress website which sends traffic to third party companies. We charge them on a CPC model.

Initially, I used Google Tag Manager to track the clicks on the links/buttons, and invoiced the clients based on this. This said, we quickly realized we were completely off on the results. The clients could trace 50% of our clicks, or 4 times more.

Hence, I changed my links to Bitly, and the results on Bitly match the results the clients see on their side.

The issue I have is that I cannot use Bitly data in GA or Google Data Studio which is important for me to run reports. My next move is to pay 35$/month US to export data from Bitly everyday and copy paste it in an excel spreadsheet connected to my Google Data Studio. But hey, that feels like the worst possible outcome!!

Any ideas??

P.S. I am also in the dark as to why my click tracking is off with GTM, but I assume it is because of fake clicks, people closing the window to quickly, etc. I tried many settings (just links, all clicks, wait for tags, etc.) but I never got any accurate data.
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    Did you try any WordPress plugins?


    I didn't try them personally but you may find something to suit your needs.

    One other option would be to have your own click tracking coded.
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    Maybe you should try communicating with the guy from this thread and see if he can work something out for you from his program?
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    Zapier could probably do this?
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      I have not found a way to zap daily results from bitly.. if someone finds a way that does not involve coding, I'd be happy to hear it!
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