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I have a number of websites and would like to find a good solution for dealing with all the different email addresses that I have. Currently, I am using Office365 and Outlook, where all the emails go into a common pool. Not sure if this is the best way to do it or not.

Do peeps here do the same, or split them into their own folders? What email solution is best for entrepreneurs who have multiple email addresses?
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    I am also using the Outlook for multiple website email address and they are delivering in separate pools, I am not facing any common pool issue, not sure what settings you are using to configure it in Outlook, try to set the filter rules for email addresses as per requirement.

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    I've integrated Mailbird with 10+ email addresses and it really makes life easier.
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    I use Gsuite for my core businesses.

    Thunderbird for all other business accounts.

    Gmail for personal stuff.
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    I use Gmail.

    It's robust, surprisingly scalable, and... it's FREE

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    Office 365/Outlook for me. I have many emails from different domains that come into their own folder. It's easy to organize and keep track of what is what.

    I can't imagine using anything else.

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    Office365 and Outlook are best for sorting out personal and work emails. The data is safely synced and accessible. However, for personal emails and stuff, gmail can also be used to sync and integrate email data on. Infact, it might be faster than Outlook in performance.
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    I am using Gmail. And it is best for all kind of work.
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    I use Gsuite for my core businesses
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    I am using Gmail And outlook
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    I use Gsuite, It is the best email solution I have came across. It is reliable and easy to use. I handle more than 100 accounts with more than 10 employees.
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    I forward email from my sites to a gmail account.
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    For Email Client for multiple addresses use anyone of them
    #1. Mailbird
    #2. Front
    #3. Mailspring
    #4. Loop
    #5. Thunderbird
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