Why is SMS Marketing for Restaurants better than Email Marketing?

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Needless to say, most people nowadays are using mobile phones both for reading emails and SMS. However, as per the research, it has found when a mobile phone gets an SMS, it gets around 91% open rate, and almost 94% of the SMS are read by the opener within the first 5 minutes whereas, on the other hand, email messages get around 15% open rate. People, in most cases, use emails for business or official purposes. So, it is difficult for your email to get their attention within that huge number of emails. Therefore, mainly for a restaurant that is planning to send messages related to coupons or other helpful notifications such as event invitations, etc, it is advisable to use SMS marketing rather than Email Marketing, because that will help them get a quicker response.
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    Both have marketing have pros and cons option. SMS marketing CTR is high because of people tend to check Mobile inbox compare to Email. But through SMS message the comprehensive information is not always possible to explain that possible with Email.
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    94% of the SMS are read by the opener within the first 5 minutes whereas
    I click on sms in order to delete it....so not sure the 'open rates' are impressive.

    What are the clickthrough rates? Do you have a measurable increase in business/sales using SMS? There is so much spam/scam use of SMS I've wondered if it's effective for marketers or not.
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    Hey Cloudmenu,
    So true. Everyone has mobile in his hand or pocket all the time. There is a sound notification for SMS which alerts the viewer and it is read in the first 5 minutes. Even if we click the SMS to delete. short messages are read in that delete try too. On the other hand, no matter how many emails one receives within an hour, it's up to us when we check it. We open our mailbox with our own disposition, not under a notification. So there is a comparatively less rate of visiting emails than SMS.
    However, emails are better for a detail-oriented message.

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    It improves. SMS, when joined with different channels like email, improves client commitment levels. Client degrees of consistency are higher and it's an extra touchpoint you can use to get familiar with your clients. This is great in case you're utilizing messages to demand.
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    For restaurants and probably every business both SMS and Email should compliment each other. With SMS and restaurants, it's great to send a text before lunch or happy hour to reach people fast. It should be permission based so the people getting the text want it and read it.

    with email a 20% open rate is great but the person may not read email until after the special or once they get home. where a text people generally open within minutes.

    grow your sms list, grow your email list
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    I just block spam SMS.

    SMS is like the most personal way of reaching me, so any unwanted/spam messages are automatically deleted.

    If you say that SMS marketing is better in the F&B sector, do show us the data.
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    For restaurants I guess, it's more effective to use SMS, it's more expensive than the emails, but it worth it. You see, it's not so huge base of contacts, it's better no be closer with your audience - another reason to use SMS. And definitely CTR will be higher.
    I personally like when my favourites stores and restaurants sending me some info about discounts or new products.
    In other hand if you have enough resources you can do both sms and emails
    But make your masseges more personal, short and easy
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    Text messages are only legal and helpful if:

    A. The customer knowingly signed up and was told how many to expect

    B. The messages you send are worthwhile and not full of frivolous nonsense

    C. The customer is informed they can opt-out at any time

    Unsolicited text messages are not only frustrating but put your business on their "quit bugging me" list.

    Also, just because the open rate is higher than email, don't assume the ROI is greater.

    Also remember, a lot of customers may have initially signed up...but then forget they did and get frustrated with your constant harassment of messages that offer them no real benefits.

    If you're sending out unsolicited texts, you're a spammer and should be reported.

    If you are a restaurant and are relying on text messages to inform your loyal customers about your special offers, you are doing things wrong. There are better and more profitable ways to bring customers back in
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