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Do you promote Clickbank offers that have an exit pop-up? Offering free report, etc.

My experience:

The funnel I have for one particular affiliate offer goes like this - Free report opt-in => Report TY page => Vendor's Articles landing page => Vendor's VSL

I also have a follow-up sequence with well-converting email swipes in place, but less sales come from that side.

By using TID I know that most buyers have seen Articles page before they bought the product. What I didn't know is whether they made a purchase right away or later, after the exit pop-up and through vendor's email sequence.

Because of that I did a test. I used a hop-link with no exit pop-up.

So, my leads didn't leak, but it seems this did decrease the conversions.

Conclusion: sales come mostly from the vendor's follow-up.

Once a sale comes through their email sequence, this particular vendor DOES contribute it to you. What I don't like is they show other vendor's free reports and offers right away when someone signs up.

What's your take on this? Would this be a no-go for you when choosing an offer? Do you keep the exit pop-up on?
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