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At the moment, I am debating becoming a paid memeber of the Warrior Forum. I have a stupid Newbie question, but I noticed sites like offer to direct users to your website, and will only charge you for unique hits.

Are they legit, or am I wasting my money on a scam. The task at hand is I need to sell 20 copies of an ebook, with original means. So I wonder if redirecting traffic would even work for that.

Can someone post past experiences with similar sites?

I do have an offer I want to post on it in the section, when I get my membership upgrade (will be by this Friday.)

Thank you for your help in advance.
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    Forget this type of traffic. You are exposing your website to scammers.
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    Become a member here and you will learn how to get tons of great traffic.
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    That type of traffic will get your website a lot of hits.. but no sales. I mean if your objective was to make money then no

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      I cannot speak specifically to the site you mention, but MOST of the "guaranteed traffic" sites deliver BOT traffic. There are no visitors to your site - only computer programs hiding behind rotating proxies.

      I know of at least one service like this that didn't even get that fancy - they send you traffic from Chinese Autosurf sites. So, not only does almost no one see your site, but the few that do probably don't speak English and cannot read it anyway.

      There were a few services years ago that would buy expired domains and redirect the semi-targeted traffic to your site for a fee. I doubt any legitimate ones exist anymore. Expired domains with good traffic tend to be fairly expensive, and the traffic is more valuable when directed to the buyer's sites, instead of being sold to you for a couple of pennies.

      If you want to buy traffic, consider one of the PPC or PPV services from Google, Yahoo, Bing, TrafficVance etc. Some banner ads will send you traffic for similar amounts to the "guaranteed traffic" scams, and at least they are real, live human visitors.

      Best Regards, Georgetta
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    I certainly would not waste my time or money on that site or anything like it. YMMV.
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    What everyone else has said. Sites that will send you lots of traffic like that for a fixed price are to be avoided.
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      Thank you guys! I plan on joining the war room very quickly here. Good to know all this stuff.

      I appreciate all of your help!!
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    There is a reason it's called BuyCheapHits. Because that is all you are getting. Hits to your website. If you need to fake traffic numbers they're great, but otherwise, save your money.
    Now if the site was called BuyTrafficGuaranteedToPurchaseFromYou then you might want to try them out.
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    All my reserach shows that this traffic is either untargetted (useless) or a scam (pointless). If anyone can prove me wrong with an actual genuine offer that results in sign ups and sales I'll be happy to try it.

    Until that snowy day in hell you can "buy traffic" with ppc advertising
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    Think of one thing, how they provide you traffic?? If they know what is your target traffic and providing that qualified traffic to your website they are best but they don't do that.

    If this traffic has some something to provide you is nothing. You will get visits from members of networks they pay them for clicking on the websites. So don't wast your money and time there.
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    WORST service ever. You'll get absolutely ZERO value for your money. Your website will most likely be hit with spam or bot-hits. Stay far away from it.
    Read my incredible story:
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