Chicken and the Egg syndrome

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Chicken and the Egg or Catch 22, I don't know which.

If you want to start a site, a community or forum on a subject what would be the best way to get people to start interacting on the site?

The more people there the more people are attracted to it, but at the start very few are there. With very few people at the site others look once and never return.

I admit I've done the same with sites. I look at the user count or number of threads and decide that its not worth my time. What can the site owner do to boost involvement and excitment?
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    Hey Scott,

    I've never really ran a successful forum, so I don't really have an answer for you, but my observation from watching forums flop or become huge successes had a lot to do with the moderator. You have the responsibility to set the tone and the standards and make it a valuable place to "hang out."

    I think this can be achieved by loading up the forum with some ultra-high quality material that people would normally be willing to pay for, then announce the launch to your list or other contacts.

    Look at what Allen did with the War Room. He invited some of the biggest contributors here to get in early. By the time it was launched publicly, it was loaded with great content. So much that people felt an obligation to give back with things they normally charge for.

    I hope that helps some or gets the creativity going.

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