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Hey there,

I need to be able to track the number of clicks on a particular link in an email.

I'll have several URLs - (i.e. Day 1 URL, Day 2 URL, Day 3 URL...) - all leading to the same page - but each URL should have unique stats. And also, the page they're leading to needs to be redirected to my affiliate page (I need to know how to do that too).

I'm sure there are tons of methods to do this, but I'm having trouble distinguishing which method I should use.

Can you tell me any services/scripts that will do this?

I've heard might do something similar, but I think they have a cap on the # of clicks.

Thanks for the suggestions in advance.

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    What email service are you using? Several providers have these features "built-in" but very few people know about it.

    Anyways there are literally hundreds of scripts and services out there. Check out: (never used/don't know anything about) or simply google "click tracking"

    It would be ideal for you to go with a PHP script with rewrite support, so your visitors would be clicking a link such as instead of (you will get less clicks with the latter)

    If the script doesn't support redirection, you can always go with the following meta code inside the <head> of your html document:

    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1;url=">
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  • Profile picture of the author trafficwave provides adtracking services along with unlimited autoresponders. If I'm understanding what you are wanting to do, you want all of the URL's (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3) to go to the same place but you want to track the click-through's from each of them independently.

    The AdTrack URL system would accomplish by letting you create a unique AdTrack URL for each link you want to track.

    You would give them each a nickname. In this case, Day1, Day2, Day3 (or anything else you want that will help you organize your stats).

    You would specify what URL the visitor should go to when they click the AdTrack URL.

    Let's say that URL is http://mysite.

    So now when someone clicks the AdTrack URL for Day1, that counter goes up by 1 and they are taken to http://mysite.

    When someone clicks the AdTrack URL for Day2, that counter goes up by 1 and the visitor is taken to http://mysite.

    And so on.

    Does that fit what you are looking for?

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    I recommend Prosper202 :-)

    I feel as if Im Marty McFly and just went back to the future

    But anyway P202 works great for this.
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    I recommend Piwik. It's free and very easy to use. You just need to install it in your site and there is no need to set up each campaign beforehand. All you need to do is change the query parameters on the URL you will be using in the email. You can track campaigns and set goals depending on what you need. You are given a ton of flexibility which is ver cool. Check it out for further details. Hope this helps.

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