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I have a popular niche blog (n°1 in traffic in my niche) and I publish a bunch of related ebooks on that topic.

Now the number 2 site (traffic wise) in my niche sells 3 of my ebooks as an affiliate and takes a 60% commission.

Recently, he told me he refused to sell my new ebooks and products if I don't start sharing the emails addresses of the costumers I acquire through his website : he wants the 60% commission + addresses of the clients.


Should I let him have the addresses too and that way, he'll sell all my catalogue on his site (plus a bunch of other stuff to "my" clients :/)
should I just refuse the deal and keep my customers to myself ?

In an way, do i sell more stuff to less customers, of less stuff to more customers?

Some enlightened advice would be VERY appreciated on this matter.
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    wow borris, that's a pickle i have never run into LOL. congrats by the way on haveing the #1 site and making sales!!
    if it were me, i would consider that i have the number one spot and am making sales, AND he is making money off my products, leverage. I would tell him that he is making money off my hard work by selling my products and he is being paid fairly for it. In a nutshell, i would hold your ground, or tell him accept the current deal or it's being closed and he will make no futher money off your account. Seems like he's trying to play hard ball with you. i'd play back
    my two cents. of course i have no relavent experience in this matter, but that's what i'd do. circumstances would change slighly however if i was making 1k a month and he was making me $10k LOL

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      Absolutely NoT!

      Those are your leads. Unfortunately you may lose him as an affiliate but unless you are partners and he is contributing content, helping in expenses, management etc....that's different.

      It's pretty cut and dry. Do NOT Give your Leads away.

      I can;t believe it would even be suggested...unless there is information missing from the above.

      Hope this helps

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        Thanks mattjay, Sean. I like the way you guys take a stand ! I have the same feeling, he's playing hardball.

        Originally Posted by Sean A McAlister View Post

        Absolutely NoT!

        unless there is information missing from the above.


        Thing is, most of my traffic comes from GG. And his site has been around for 3 or 4 more years than mine so i feel his GG positions are more "solid". If something happens to my site, he'll still be selling my stuff.
        Plus, what if he replaces my products with someone else's catalogue ?
        So far I don't have so many competitors selling quality stuff on this niche but I know 12 months from now, it will have changed...
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    yeah i agree. i'm old school and keep all my email addresses without an autoresponder, however i know how valuable even my limited customer list is to me.

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