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I have remodeled my website and now I'm looking to direct traffic to my site. What are the best ways to do that?
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    If you want to spend money, go for Adwords. If you want to do SEO, do quick indexing, RSS, blogs and forums! Lots to do, do a little each day is best.
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    I think if you did a quick search on the forums, you'd find a number of threads on the issue.

    Let me ask you a question; if you had a business offline, how would you go about acquiring customers?
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    We hand out 2000 flyers a week.

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    I do straight up EZA marketing.

    Adwords banned me for promoting clickbank products, and SEO is a little too abstract for my mathematical brain to follow.

    Weirdly enough, writing seems to work well for me

    I'd look into article marketing, adwords, and SEO, see which one seems to suit you best.

    (note: I'd give an arm and a leg to learn SEO though, just saying, that stuff is profitable as heck man)
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