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by Buxton
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I have a wordpress blog and I'm making a membership site out of it.

I am looking for a solution to an idea which I have.

Every week, I will be providing fresh current content to anyone and everyone who is a member, which means that I will be working manually every week to deliver fresh content to my subscribers.

So my members will not only have fresh content, but they will also have the old content which I have published.

The problem is, anyone could join, take the last 1 years worth of content and leave.

To avoid that, I would like to still give fresh content but also restrict the last 3 months worth of content from them.

This means that a new member will be abel to see the current fresh content as well as content which is 3 months old and older, but not anything in between current content and 3 months old content.

So I am looking for a drip feature which will allow me to manage this whereby I can serve fresh content as well as content which is over 3 months old in relation to their start date.

Do you know of a solution I can utilise with my WP membership site?


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    I know there are several membership plug-ins for WordPress, but I am not aware of whether there are any that support a drip feature such as what you describe. The script I use for my own membership site is aMember, which does support WordPress. My advice is to check with those guys to see if aMember will do what you want.

    Good luck!
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  • Andrew,

    I use Wishlist Member, which can handle all this. You just set up different membership levels corresponding to the access required (the easiest thing to do would be to set up a new level each month - and just puts everyone who joins in that particular month into that new membership level).


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    I will ask aMember if their software can help with this.

    Thom, Is there a way to do this with Wishlist without having to create a new membership level every month. This would split members into different levels and eventually, I will have hundreds of levels.

    I'd like to try and avoid this confusing setup with a simpler solution (if it exists).


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    • Originally Posted by Buxton View Post

      Thom, Is there a way to do this with Wishlist without having to create a new membership level every month.
      Possibly, but I haven't noticed it in the documentation if it is.

      To be honest, if you get to the stage with 100 monthly membership levels, you'll be doing pretty well, and you'll probably have moved onto an entirely different membership solution by then.

      It's easy to restrict people to seeing everything after the date they joined. It's the 'backdating for 3 months' which is the difficult part.


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    Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

    You can do this free. It's how I ran my BetterPLR membership site. New members got the current month's content and anything released thereafter.

    I used a plugin to do it, not even a membership plugin. Worked perfectly and none of the membership scripts I looked at did exactly what I needed.

    When are you starting work on this? I am probably going to do a War Room post showing my entire configuration in the next few days.
    I have a project this would be perfect for. I'm looking forward to seeing your WR post...
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    Hi Chris, Thanks for sharing.

    If you have a solution, I'd love to hear it. Im working on the site now but am currently holding things until I find a solution for this.

    Unfortunately, Im not a war room member.

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    Another way of asking the same question is,

    If I am providing fresh content and am leaving all my past content on the site, how do I stop someone joining and downloading everything, then coming back 6 months later and doing the same thing and so on...

    What measures do other marketers take with membership sites like this?

    Incentives? Restrictions?
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    Anyone with ideas on this?
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    It will be difficult to do what you want by providing new content and yet leaving a gap and them letting your members have access to older content.
    It does sound a bit confusing.

    I'm sure there are other options but it would be better if people with experience can help you out here.

    Hope it works out.

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    Thanks Chris,

    I checked out the description but I'm not sure it can do what I want to do.

    I have one membership level called "Standard". All members are in this group (with Wishlist).

    Since I will be giving fresh content to every single member, every week, how do I give each one of them 3 months old content to in relation to their start date but at the same time, restrict the content from 0 to 3 months (other than what they have seen already).

    I'm starting to think that what I want is impossible and maybe I should be looking for another way to stop people joining and then downloading everything and leaving.

    Any ideas?
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    Look at Digital Access Pass (DAP). Click the Search button and check it out. Ravi (a Warrior member) is co-developer with his wife. I think that will handle what you're wanting to do.

    Here is a link (not affiliate related) for you:

    WordPress Membership Plugin - Membership Script For WordPress Blogs And Regular Web Sites

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    Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

    Hey Andrew, can you please clarify?

    When they join, they receive a standard pack of content?

    As they continue, they receive weekly content the same as everyone else? Or they get drip fed some kind of pre-prepared content?
    Everyone who joins or is already a member, gets the same weekly content which is live. Then they receive the next fresh batch of content the next week and so on...

    It is not drip fed.

    Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

    Instead of automatic "last 3 months content", it might be easier to do it per month e.g. they get August, September, October (plus November to date) content. Each month, you cycle this starter pack and advance it by a month. That would work and make life easier if you go the wp-sentry route. Wp-sentry doesn't do anything automatically for you, but it lets you create groups and then each post can be read only be a group or individuals.
    I want all members to have all the content of the past, but I wanted the more recent 3 months to be missing from the picture until they have cycled past the 3 month point at which point, 3 month old content will start to become visible to them.
    The cycle then continues. Every week, they are shown some new 3 month old content as their join date matures.

    That way, they cant just download the most recent 3 months of content and leave.
    Yet they have access to all the old stuff beyond that.

    I did ask Veena about DAP but she said that it couldn't do what I wanted.
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    Hi guys,

    Thanks Buxton for asking this question. Just the thread I was looking for as I have a similar request but I do not want a 3-months thing. I want everything in the past to be hidden from new members. A new members join he will see the posts from his date of joining. If he cancels and joins 3 months later, then the joining date resets and he can't see anything in the past either but should have the content downloaded anyway (entice to not cancel).

    I checked out the plugins mentioned here and I don't think any can do this. I am also using WishList Members for my members management.

    Any idea on top of what Buxton has requested? (I don't want to hijack the thread)
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