Finding A Profitable Niche - Simple Tip

by trudye
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Focusing your efforts on a profitable niche greatly enhances the opportunity for success as an Internet Marketer.

This one tip would have saved me months of time and unprofitable work. Selecting a niche, even better a micro niche (a smaller market within a niche), that fits you and then finding a product that meets a need in that niche increases opportunity for success.

How to select a profitable niche? There are lots of strategies out there but here is a quick and easy way to find a profitable niche:

1) Go to dummies web site. These are the books with yellow and black covers with the title "_____ for Dummies"

2) Go to the "Store" page. Look on the left side of the store page and there is a list of titles from Arts & Photography to Travel. These are all Profitable Niches. Dummies has done all the research and determined these are markets with buyers ready to spend money for information, products, etc for their niche. That's why they put out a book for this niche.

3) Click on One of the Titles - this is where it even gets more helpful because now you will find a list of books in that niche. Each of these are a micro niche

For example click on "Crafts & Hobbies". The page that comes up list 45 different titles. One of them is Needle Point for Dummies. This would potentially make a profitable micro niche.

Here are a couple of addtional steps:

4) Google the Micro Niche - in example above "needlepoint" and 4,200,000 results come up with google ads on the page. This is a confirmation that people are looking for information, help, products, etc in this niche.

5) Look for a product - do some research of the results and ads to see what people are spending money on and for advertising.

I like choosing niches I have an interest in or some experience with.

Try it and find a profitable niche.

Heres to your success!
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    Thanks for the tip. Ya, I remember Chris Farrell also suggested checking out dummies titles for niche ideas in his affiliate dot com course. Definitely a great place to start as you get ideas you never thought of before.
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      The key word here is "profitable".

      That is the only way that you can get the ROI that you want to justify the work- yes that four letter word- that you have to put in to actually mine the niche.

      The easiest way to spot a profitable niche is to look for a ton of competition and the PPC ads wars.

      Stay Sunny.

      ***FOCUS for your FORTUNE ***
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      • Profile picture of the author Ryan Johnson
        Thanks for the tip, it makes perfect sense.
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          Good article. Also suggest to have an explore on google keyword tool (search 'google keyword tool' in google), where you can see the traffic and competition degree. The higher the traffic and competition degree, the more profitable the niche is.
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    I had this idea too - but I stole it from Travis Sago
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  • Profile picture of the author Chris G
    Thanks for the tip. The dummies site is a great source for getting ideas for niches. Amazon is also is good place to get ideas as well.
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    Just to take your method a step Chris mentioned check out Amazon for niches as well, well why don't you take the Dummies topic and search for a particular Dummies book on Amazon and see what it's sales rank is and when was the most recent you can see of the niche is still in demand.
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  • Profile picture of the author ArticlePrince
    I just go with hobbies. Hobbies by definition are things that people spend money on for fun. So I know I targeting people that like to spend money on it... makes life easier for me.

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    (4 days only!)
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    My favourite 3 places to find a niche are:

    1. Dummies / Idiots Guides
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  • Profile picture of the author Submission Zone
    Thanks for the Tips.
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  • Profile picture of the author Amanda Craven
    Great tip and you might like to combine it with a browse around the magazine racks - no publisher spends big money bringing out a magazine without conducting thorough market research first to determine that it will be profitable.

    Again, these often address hobbyists although they do cross over into the 'desperate' crowd, i.e. emotional issues, health issues etc. Check out the titles AND the front cover headlines and you have an instant insight into the wider niche and possible sub-niches within it.
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    • Profile picture of the author CDaeda
      What is the best method for finding a good product? Having a good product to promote makes online success a greater possibility. :confused:
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    You can expand it a bit further.

    When you come to write your content, use the chapter headings as a guide to structuring your article.

    Also use the summary to get a feeling of what people are looking for.


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  • Profile picture of the author Sheryl Polomka
    I haven't heard of the 'dummies' tip before - that's a great idea.

    Thanks for sharing!
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