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do I need one? can I use a beautiful title page? it may be a give away or an incredibly cheap book.
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    im not a massive fan of ebook covers, although some sort of image representation will appeal to the masses
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    Well, e-book covers increase sales or conversions (for free e-books). Some of my customers can attest to that. Right now, I'm doing 3D e-covers for less than $10 each for Warriors, so that makes them cheap enough for just about everyone.

    See my sig for my special offer (which will likely be ending soon, I think).
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    Like faxinator just said it's important to have a well designed
    ebook cover. Also looks like he's running a pretty good WSO
    if your looking for ebook covers. So my opinion is get one it's
    only going to do good.

    Also don't sell or give away ebooks! sell or give away reports,
    documents, script, escript, etc...

    The ebook word has gotten a pretty bad "worthless" stamp on it!

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    I've been looking at a lot of real book covers...
    and let's just say that a lot of ecover designs are
    trying too hard to be flashy and you can't tell at
    a glance what the book is about.

    Here' a fine example of a cover proven to sell books:
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    Hello Catrina,

    As I usually work (or delegate to my design team) 3D eBook covers.

    I see a common pattern: many eBook titles are way too long, and they don't convert well.

    I know, a lenghty title may work in a sales letter, but in a small eBook cover it can backfire.

    The only exception to this are the extremely common phrases, as they are perceived almost as an image. All the letters at once, not in sequential order.

    In my opinion eBooks will really help you in your business, but try to keep it short and put a great emotional picture with people.

    Also, for some reason, the promise of a downloadable video -even a very short one!- works very well these days. Specially if you offer both items (book + video) as a combo. This is something I'm exploring more and more in the last days.

    Picture yourself, effortlessly, watching a video. And that video guides you word by word, highlighting which words to read at a constant pace.
    And if you fear that you will not remember everything, don't panic.You'll also have the printable version from the eBook. Sounds good, right?

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    Gaby - I love your idea! it's Fantastic and creative! I wish I could do something that dynamic, but it's not what this will be.

    faxinator watch your pm please
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    I would get a proper designer to do it if I was you. I have about 10 years programming experience and I know my way around photoshop enough to make an ebook cover. However, my ebook covers always look like something my dog designed. Don't even ask about the website headers I make...

    Knowing how to work the software is very different from having graphic design skills.


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