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Curious as to what is being used to safeguard audio/video/text content..(especially in a membership setting).

Is it better to stream the video/audio in an attempt to protect it from being shared? Should I put text on a web page (they can easily cntl+C, cntl+V) but downloading the text also eases the path to sharing.

Is this even something that I should concern myself with?

Just curious as to what's 'tried and true'.

thanks in advance.

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    Hey djsted,

    This is the site I use: www dot copyscape dot com (can't post links yet, sorry)

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      Copyscape is a great option.

      For Audio / Video streaming rather than allowing downloads will increase your protection.

      In a Membership setting, the membership software itself protects your content and only allows your members to view it.

      If you are talking about preventing your members themselves from downloading.... then you must ask yourself whether that really matters. Is your content really in the realm of trade secrets or patented type of information?
      If so, you could step it up to a whole new level and hire a programmer with expertise in this area to implement some in-depth solutions for you.

      In most cases, I'd say it is hardly worth the trouble. Just the Copyscape / streaming / membership option should give it a pretty good degree of protection
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        Thanks everyone. I hadn't heard of Copyscape so I'll put it on my 'to do' list.
        As far as video, it does sound like streaming is the best reasonable safeguard without going into high dollar solutions.

        Thanks again.

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    even if something can't be copied, it can be reproduced (with some variation)....not much can be done about that and it's also generally legal.

    i recently did some backlink searches for a niche e-com portal i built and guess who we had the most links from? elance checked the IPs and many of those are from india/russia....guess a competitor is in the works!
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