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Hi Warriors,

Are any of you on the soon to be presidents opt-in list?

I am and have found getting emails from David Pouffle who is Barracks campaign manager extremely interesting.This thread is in no way intended to be a polictical statement but rather to illustrate that we IM'ers are in the right business.

Online communication has differnently made a key difference in helping decide the man to govern arguably the most important nation on earth.

Most days leading up to the election I received a newsworthy update from David about how the campaign was going,and I am an Australian based business person who can not vote.

I do have family in Calafornia and have travelled a lot in the U.S so I do feel a real connection and do have an interest in what happens in your great country,we all do.

As Internet Marketers we have never seen a better illustration that communicating a message online whether it be a social,polictical or business message online has come of age.

The new president is a social networker and if you enter his name you will find many sites that you can visit that are directly linked to his team.

You can even email questions and you will get a response,you can visit Obama's myspace site and learn a little about the man.

I would encourage any young person with business aspirations to join the Warrior forum and to gain an understanding of the online world and nothing illustrates the shifting sands of communication more then the connection the U.S.A'S new president has made online.

The speed which we now communicate at has made people that are not just a little computer literate almost a non event in business.

We are in a very exciting game and as one of my online mentors put it,Paul your market with Internet Marketing is anyone who knows less then you do.

I think we should all remember that there is a huge market outside of the people that are already indoctrinated and involved in IM.I know that my business model includes quite a bit of offline marketing to reach people that do not know about this exciting highspeed world in 2009.

The next couple of years will be an exciting time to be in business online I have no doubts about that.

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