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by ymest
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Hello everybody,

Just want to know exactly how you go about writing emails to promote your products to people on your list.

I know some tend to be quite salesy whilst others "informative"... I guess it may be a case of try and see but i would like to get some opinions on the subject.

Also, shall I keep it short , very short, not so short, ? You get me right?

Any pointers?

Thanks in advance

Have a great day/night wherever you are on planet earth!
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    I think it depends on what kind of relationship you have with the people on your list. Have you sent them anything before? How was your tone ,and what was the length at that email?
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      well, I did send them the affiliate emails I got off the clickbanck products, I got a couple of sales on this new site but I have the feeling that it isn't "right". That's why I wanted to ask if you do write short emails with an article attached to it or something else for instance.
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        You're going to have to experiment and test to see what works the best with your particular list.

        There was a thread here a few weeks back where someone asked how often they should email their list. Many people answered, including quite a few successful veteran Warriors, and pretty much everyone had a different answer. So there's no one correct answer to any of your questions.

        It takes time to build a relationship with your list. It helps if you can write so your personality comes across somehow, even if you have to exaggerate it a bit (but not so much that it doesn't ring true). Personally, I'd vary it between shorter and longer emails, but you have to do your own testing.

        I wouldn't worry too much about offending people with too many sales pitches, because they probably weren't going to buy from you anyway, right? This is business and your purpose is to make money. Ethically and honestly, with quality products and services, yes, but it's still about making money. So don't be afraid to sell to your list.
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    I'm going to give you my best tip on this issue -- and I'm not an "expert," but I am a consumer. BOY! am I a consumer of everybody's lists.

    The main thing for me -- the ONLY way I stay on anyone's list past a couple of days or at best a couple of weeks -- is if they deliver some sort of content that's not sales oriented. It doesn't have to be much. It doesn't have to give their deepest secrets away. It can be things I already know because being reminded of key principles or truths or encouragement or motivating ideas, etc., is always good.

    And I do NOT like daily emails. Period. Sometimes that alone will cause me to unsubscribe. Marlon Sanders is famous for saying, "you're not selling" if you're not emailing daily. Well, chuck that. Marlon didn't stay long either. If he'd anything to say to me beyond "buy this today so MY bank account grows daily," I might have stayed longer. But I don't recall that he did. Or, if he did, it wasn't interesting and useful enough to buy my attention so I'd stay for all the damned sales pitches.


    Well, one more thing I'll share. This is really important. BE YOURSELF, and be open and willing to share your foibles, your faults, your sins and failures along with how (ahem) great you are. Be honest and open -- that builds trust like nothing else.

    Hope this is somewhat helpful.

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    It depends on your customer. The more you know them, the better off you will be.

    In the IM Niche, people seem to love to get the hottest product recommendation.

    However, this might not be the case in other niches.

    Experiment and keep doing what is working.


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    I think the best formule in a sales email is 1, tell them what youve got,2,tell them what it does, 3, tell them what to do next, ie click the link below. Be sure you are not only pitching in your mailings, I use (with good success) the 80/20 formula. 80% of my mailings are all about content, value, free videos , training webinars, reports, ebooks, make your free stuff good, that way you build a following , rather than just having a list, then i use the other 20% of my mails to sell, with a very soft pitch. hope it helps, good luck

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      There are a few training programs out there which will go through every part of creating a list, and selling to it.

      Maybe get on someones list......
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    Don't be "salesy". Always provide value and try to build a relationship with your subscribers, if you do they perceive you as a friend and not someone trying to sell them something
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    I'm in the same boat! There are multiple ways and methods of selling within your list. I personally am going to try the methods found in CloudBlueprint (definitely worth googling). He walks through his sales timeline as well as price points you should use for each pitch.

    It's a series of free videos and it's pretty informative.
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