What Legal Forms/Pages Do I Need?

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I'm getting into the product-selling gig and wanted to know which legal forms/pages are necessary.

My product will be geared towards the MI niche and will be an intro/how-to eBook. I will be selling it directly on my site as well as through ClickBank.

Things I'm wondering about are:
- Privacy Policy
- Terms
- Earnings?
- Etc..

Thanks for any help!
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  • Okay, so..

    - Privacy Policy deals with how I use their personal information?
    - Terms of Use explains what the site is for and rules, etc.?
    - Disclaimer states what?

    Also, is there a place to get these free/cheap?

    Thanks in advance.
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      Originally Posted by MarketingInjection View Post

      - Privacy Policy deals with how I use their personal information?

      - Terms of Use explains what the site is for and rules, etc.?
      Pretty much, yes.

      - Disclaimer states what?
      That will vary based on the type of site. If you're in the IM/MMO niche, you'll likely need an earnings disclaimer. You'll also need to disclose affiliate relationships and that sort of thing. Also, any FTC required notices.

      Also, is there a place to get these free/cheap?
      There are various places online that offer them. My recommendation is to have a lawyer do them for you. A generic form downloaded from a free/cheap site may not adequately cover you and your specific needs. If you can't afford an attorney to write something custom for you, Brian Kindsvater is an attorney and a member here. Check his signature for his legal form packs.

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    If you use WordPress, there is a plugin that does it for you. It puts links to your legal pages in the footer. WordPress › WP Policies « WordPress Plugins
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  • Awesome! Thanks for all the help. And yes I will be selling a how-to make money type guide, so I will definitely need an Earnings Disclaimer.
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    I've read a lot of conflicting advice from Internet Marketers on what you have to do to comply with the FTC rules on affiliate marketing. So, I decided to go the source -- the FTC -- to get the real scoop.

    If you market products and services on the internet as the product owner or as an affiliate, you owe it to yourself to check out what the FTC says about their affiliate rules. Here are a couple of links I found very informative:

    The FTC's Revised Endorsement Guides: What People are Asking
    The FTC

    Video on the Affiliate Disclosure Requirements:
    The Endorsement Guides | BCP Business Center

    A couple of things that stood out for me:

    1 - The FTC is not interested in going after bloggers who are promoting products as affiliates. The agency certainly wants bloggers to be honest and comply with their rules, but the enforcement stress is on the product owners, i.e. the advertisers.

    2 - As a product owner, the FTC can slam you if your affiliates violate their rules. Again, the enforcement stress is on the product owner/advertiser, not the affiliates.

    3 - Disclosing your affiliate relationship in a Terms and Conditions statement on a page separate from your product reviews (for example on a Terms and Conditions page) is not good enough per the FTC. You have to disclose your relationship in a prominent place.

    Now, less you start getting depressed, there are ways to do this that won't kill your business. Check out the suggestions in this article: New FTC Rules and Guidelines. They made a lot of sense to me.

    Hope this helps.
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    Where does everybody get their earnings disclaimer generated? Is there a way to get it generated for you for free?
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