Do any of you Expert Internet Marketers want an apprentice? I really want your help!!

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Hi Warriors,

Do any of you want to take a relatively inexperienced IM'er under your wing and help his IM career flourish?

I know my methods for seeking help are slightly unorthadox and a little cheeky, however I want to break into the field and want to learn from someone who already has a successful career in IM.

My story is probably no different from many others, I earn a modest income, in a job where I trade a considerable amount of my time for a measly paycheck. I have purchased many programs, strategies, software packages etc that promise to make me a millionaire over night with just one click of the mouse and you can imagine my results! I wouldn't be writing this if they had worked!

My motives are honest, I want a better life for me and my family, don't we all!!! But I am under no illusion that this takes hard work which I'm willing to put it in! And determination which I am willing to apply!

I have a minimal investment to get started and I have realistic expectations, but.....from acorns mighty oaks grow! I appreciate I'm not going to be a millionaire overnight!

All I would like is for someone with experience, who is making a living from IM to point me in the right direction or even better mentor me so I can get my business off the ground. Anything I earn as a result I am willing to split with the person 50/50 as a way of saying thanks!

I ask you to cast your mind back to when you started, if someone helped you out, maybe this is your opportunity to give a newbie some pearls of wisdom that were so freely given to you!

Anyways thanks for reading, any tips, advice or help any of you warriors can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great day

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    I ask you to cast your mind back to when you started, if someone helped you out, maybe this is your opportunity to give a newbie some pearls of wisdom that were so freely given to you!
    I'll give you the same pearls of wisdom that were so freely given to me ...

    - Stop looking for a magic bullet
    - Treat it like a business
    - Get out there and hustle

    I turned them into a seven figure business and a great life for myself and my family. Now it's your turn.

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    I am not an IM guru who makes 6 or 7 fig income, but I can tell you this: you need a system to start with. Do research, find IM experts you can trust to, buy their IM course and get your hands dirty.
    There are numerous ways to make money online, you need to find one that fits your mindset and inclinations. But don't overcomplicate it - do quick research, make your mind up and get the ball rolling.
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      My understanding is most of the systems for sale work to some degree or another and that all they need from you is time, thought and effort.

      Aspiring Marketer.

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      Threads like this are pretty regular on here, you may or may not get what you are asking for but all you are really offering in return is 50% of nothing. Because no matter how well you are taught there are no guarantees that you will earn anything.

      You write well, maybe it would be a good idea to offer articles in return for valuable time spent with you. Worth more than an uncertain amount from an uncertain future income.
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    1. Read through your post and work out how much of it
    is about you. (Count the number of times you've used
    the words: me, I and my.)

    2. Now consider that this is a marketing forum and if you
    want someone to buy your proposal, you have to sell it.

    3. Consider your ideal coach/mentor and answer their
    question... "What's in it for me?" People buy benefits,
    they aren't interested in you... just what you can do for

    John's Internet Marketing News, Views & Reviews: John Taylor Online
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      Hey Warriors,

      Thanks for your posts, constuctive feedback is good and I appreciate your advice.

      A particular thanks to both Patricia and John, I can certainly understand your positions, 50% of nothing is just that, nothing!

      If someone were prepared to spend some time mentoring me I would be more than willing to write articles/content etc for them, or any other basic tasks that would save them time/money and by the same token hone and enrich my IM knowledge.

      I am unable to respond to PM's as I haven't wirtten enough posts, however if this arrangement appeals please PM me your email address and I will get in touch!

      Thanks once again warriors

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