Attention Software Sellers: A Quick Conversion / Sales Tip

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Hi Folks

I'm reading a report which suggests that, for SOFTWARE SELLERS and other products in which FEATURES are important, then providing an easy-to-read LIST OF FEATURES prominently in your sales letter can help increase sales.

I just went to the sales letter of a piece of software that someone was recommending on this forum, but was disappointed that there wasn't an easy list of features that I could read.

Yes, I know full well that people buy because of what those features can do for them (i.e. benefits, feelings etc), but still some people want to quickly know the FEATURES, especially with items such as software.

So if you're selling software, my suggestion is to make sure people can easily find a LIST OF FEATURES within the sales letter. By all means, explain how each feature will benefit them etc, but in my experience of selling software, some people buy because your software has a specific FEATURE.

So make a LIST OF FEATURES prominent in your sales letter along with an explanation as to why that feature will benefit them.
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    Good tip - I've always made sure that my potential customers know exactly what sort of features my software offers, especially when comparing it to competing products
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      Paul, as always you are right!

      Like most people, I scan through a sales page and if the list of features isn't listed, I usually don't purchase the product.

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    First of all, I was introduced to your stuff by Paul Myers. As usual, when Paul recommends something highly, it's good stuff, and he was right again with your material.

    I believe that Paul mentioned something along these lines, either in a post here or in his newsletter. Probably in a post here, in response to one of those ubiquitous "I hate long sales letters" threads.
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    Thanks for the comments, guys

    @mike, yeah... there's nothing too wrong about long sales letters, as long as it also caters for the skimmers who quickly want to know what the software does.
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