I lost a decent passive income stream. Do I care? Nope.

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Yo happy Warriors,
Today, the big G disabled my AdSense account that has been bringing me money for the last 3 years. Yup 3 years of passive income, a lot of work, time and effort.
It's probably all gone by now, as my appeal has been rejected and 'you' can only appeal once.
Needles to say, I did not do any illegal activity, violate T&C or place any invalid activity on my websites. They disabled it for no reason, neither can they name the reason in the email.
What do I think about it?
I think it's a good lesson. Lesson: that teaches that there is no financial security if you are dependant on somoene else. If someone else can control your money, and close the tap at any given moment for no reason then, there is no freedom. Just illusion of freedom.
I could open another AdSense account and set up new websites and start making money this way again.
But do I want it?
Not, so much. I'm actually quite dissapointed in the big G and might finish the cooperation between us. Yes, you hear me. I don't care if I'm a small marketer or big fish. No one messes with me like this. No one controls my financial freedom and no one will tell me that my activity is invalid, when it's not. That's undermining my integrity, honesty and dignity. So, big G needs to be placed aside for now. Yeahh, I know what you are all saying :'' bro, do you think Google cares about your rant, they dont give a f***'' I know they dont guys, but I don't either.
I have other sources of income online. Like Amazon KDP, that never fails or my affiliate links that bring me income month in month and my own products( not related to IM) that are selling well...
Lesson : Have options and choice : that's where real freedom lies

Will I ever return to AdSense?
I will think about it ... the choice is mine!!!
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    I like your attitude jerzykaz, when you work for someone else you're ultimately at their mercy. In a way using Adsense is no different than working a regular job in terms of security, it can be taken away at a moment's notice as it was in your situation.

    Having multiple streams of income is always a smart move. It's like the old saying "make sure your table has multiple legs to protect your dinner."

    It looks like you've learned a very valuable lesson and hopefully this incident will lead to more lucrative business ventures which you have more control over. Best of luck to you.
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      Keep looking for more affiliates. Check out Commission Junction, ShareaSale, Pepperjam Network, Linkshare and Google's affiliate network. Still a lot of money out there to be made. You will find your way. There are adsense specialists out there and adsense help forums. Maybe you could find an answer there. Best of luck to you.
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        I would never let it bother me personally, Adsense accounts are so easy to get. It is a great passive income, but as you said Amazon is much more trouble free. I think you will go back to adsense, you are just pissed, which I understand.

        Getting mad at Google is really pointless. No matter what you think, they have your money in their back pocket, it is your job to take that sh$%!

        Meantime, I wish you the best with your other ventures. If you are serious about dumping adsense you should sell your sites for nice $$ if they are earners!
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    haha so true ive been banned by adsense over and over and over again
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    I looked at setting up add sense. Got so far with it and stopped. That was around 18 months ago. It, as well as other 'waves' distracted me from my real purpose.Hit the nail on the head with that one ,Jerkaz did.
    Taking control of your streams and such plays out for more security, and taking action on your own schtick makes for a better business model.

    Thanks for a realization that I did the right thing, for me, anyways(sic)


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    Thats why I love the email list. You and only you own that. I like your mentality though, control your situation!
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    Originally Posted by jerzykaz View Post

    They disabled it for no reason,
    Nah they probably had a reason...
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      Originally Posted by Thomas Michal View Post

      Nah they probably had a reason...
      Nah, they didn't. I changed nothing for 3 years. Neither am I naive to pull traffic to my websites or send people there.
      I recon someone started clicking on my ads like crazy, or clicking one ad repeatedly and they thought it was me.
      Is it really that easy for them to disable someone's account.
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      Originally Posted by Thomas Michal View Post

      Nah they probably had a reason...
      Agreed. Maybe OP was a victim of a clickbomb where his competitor kept hitting his ads over and over again to get him banned.
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    Buggy adsense

    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    For sure thats a good attitude, but it's just one more reason to avoid Adsense imo. So much at risk, if you build it up, and all it takes is one mistake, and Google can take it all away.
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      Their are other ad programs out there besides google adsense. Start putting some of them on your site instead of the adsense and get your income stream back.

      Coming Soon!!!
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    thats really annoying , I do agree with you about having multiple streams of income are important .

    Best of luck

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      Too bad that Google don't tell WHY they disable your account....
      (I think never does)

      Good that you already have build other streams of income
      Get Instant Access to over 500 PLR, FREE Resell Rights Products Now!
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    The best lesson that you can take from all this is your mindset. It's awesome! The thing about people who have made money before is that they can lose everything and be able to turn it all around and make it right back. That's very frustrating that they would do that to you, but you're right, it's your turn to take that energy and conquer a new territory. Good luck to you!
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    Same here, was making about $200 / month from adsense for 6 months, all of the sudden they decided that was enough and disabled my account.

    How do you guys create another account? Different Social Security numbers? You ask someone from your family to open one or something?
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    I had a similar experience with adsense. They disabled my account for no reason. I did'nt really care I just had it running on a blog and some hub articles. Never really got a reason why.
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    • Profile picture of the author Steven Wagenheim
      Kaz, great attitude to have. Pretty much the way I feel about my Adsense
      account. If they ever shut me down, no big deal. I've never relied on Google
      for my income and never will.

      Hey, if you can use them for your own purposes and make money from them,
      great. If not, there are plenty of ways to make money online besides relying on
      the big G.

      Thanks for sharing something that I believe many people should read and

      The less you control, the worse off you are.

      My 2 cents on the subject.
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    I second every sentiment in your post OP, every single one.
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