Help Needed Please on the Use of Public Domain Content

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A quick question on the use of Public Domain Content.

1. I found two excellent content pieces for my niche on Public Domain. My question is can I mix the content of the two pieces into a single article? Would I be violating any laws by doing so?

2. Do I have to site the source if I post the article on my blog?

Also to avoid the duplicate content penalty, I was thinking of adding around 200 words and use the content from the two content pieces from Public Domain. I just wanted to know if any of you guys do it or if you just use the Public domain content as it is.

Please advise.

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    If the content pieces are from the public domain, then you can do whatever you want with it. That is the beauty of public domain content.

    I use public domain for one niche I have, and I do reference the origin - mainly because it is a from a .gov site. So, not only do I give credit to the "author", but I feel it gives more credibility to my site.
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      Thanks Capriliz. Do you suggest a mix in terms of adding unique content to the use of public domain content? To give you an idea, my blog has over 100 articles. Right now I am contemplating on taking advantage of using Public Domain content. I want to make sure I don't overdo it. Would 50 public domain articles for every 100 unique content articles be a safe approach?
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        I think that is where you have to find your own balance. I am sure there are differences based on what niche you are in.

        There is a thread already started on using public domain for content.

        Kneb Knebaih explains here how he uses PD to earn an online income.
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          Thanks Caprilz. This is very helpful.
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