Be THANKFUL For Your Ambition

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Hey Warriors,

I don't often get too "touchy feely" with the thankfulness stuff. I'm typically a no-nonsense-get-er-dun-however-possible kind of guy.

But today something seemingly insignificant made me think.

I was paying the guy that does my lawn and chatting to him a bit. Really cool guy. Very hard worker. I grew up dead broke and worked hard all my life in manual labor and in the military before I started marketing so I can really respect that.

Today he asks me what I do for a living. And like always, I simply reply with "I'm a web developer" since I've found that it's damn near impossible for most people to wrap their heads around what internet marketing is all about.

He says, "I'd have loved to do something like that but I'm just not that kind of person to go and learn it all!"

After he left, that sentence stuck with me.

Because you are here learning on the Warrior Forum, you've easily beat out 99% of the population that gives up before they even start.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not beating up on this guy or his occupation. As far as I can tell, he makes a good living since he has multiple crews working for him and there's no shortage of business around here.

But my point is this:

Most people simply do not have the ambition - or perhaps worse - ability to overcome their inherent fear to venture into the unknown.

The unknown in question here is marketing online...i.e. internet marketing.


  • Drive.
  • Ambition.
  • The ability to overcome fear of failure and the unknown.

Simply being here proves that.

And say what you want about personal accountability and work ethic, if you don't have that initial ambition, the rest means nothing.

Don't waste your gift of ambition. Because that's what it is: a GIFT.

Back it up with knowledge, drive, and most of all persistence and you've got a winning formula.

Thanks for reading, Warriors. Now go out there and make it happen!
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    Thanks for posting this. Really inspiring and needed.
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    Fantastic post, yes I guess we are in the minority. Most people feel safe with what they know or what they have been conditioned to believe.

    You go to school, study, get good grades then leave and work a regular J.O.B. for the next 50 years.

    Personally that would frighten me more than than trying to make my own way!
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    AMEN - good post; thanks.
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      This is so true and exactly what I needed to read right now, so thank you for that. Fear stops people (myself included) from doing so many things and most of it ends up as regrets. Action leads to results. Granted, not always the best ones, but you can't figure out if something is right for it if you don't go for it.
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    hey daredevil

    i can totally relate to that as ive been in the building trade for 10 years and i also worked in a landsape firm too cutting lawns while i was building my IM business in the evening times

    i was also in the military like yourself

    i know what you mean though, some people have just got no get up and go, no ambition and nothing to be excited about or working towards

    i recently read a great free report from the war room where it said:

    everybody will at some point go through a stage of "wanting to accomplish a dream"

    but the reality is for some people it may take years before they are truely ready to do this yet others realize this in there early 20`s and take action

    we all different and if you find that you have drive, ambition and wanting to accomplish a dream then as daredevil says its a true gift and you should embrace it and be thankfull and dont waste it

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    I take a look at all the others my age and it really does make me proud of myself.

    I mean, how many people my age are making in to the four-figure region per month, helping others and doing something that they love? Not many, I can tell you that.
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    Thank you for your inspiration post. Being human it is inevitable for so not to see the brighter side of our personality. Sometimes we are to busy finding things which is not meant for us
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    Oh don't beat up the lawn I was one for years, when I had to collect my invoices that were not paid Id pull up in my $47,000 lincoln navigator and ask my customer to pay his bill, they would mostly look over my shoulder at my navigator and think wtf? because they didnt realize this little poor old lawn boy that was taking care of their lawn was making $387,000 a year Respect the lawn boy
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