Post 1,000: Guess I better say something productive now...

by Joseph Robinson Banned
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Well, it took over two years; but I am finally in quadruple digit posts on the Warrior Forum. I was told there would be cake; and yet I do not have one. Oh well, there is still time for the FedEx guy to come.

Since joining this forum, my outside life has been a roller coaster. I had my high point about a year in, and then everything came crashing down the second year. I am just now getting back to a point where I feel normal and happy again. This forum had a surprisingly large place in that. It was a constant escape for two years (be it by lurking or posting). It kept my brain stimulated, and forced me to be something more than just the struggling adult I had grown into. I want to start off by saying thanks to the forum at large, and to the small number of members I have had the opportunity to personally interact with. You guys make this place worth coming to; and I hope I can do the same for others as I become more seasoned on here.

But enough about me. At post 1,000 it seems the "in" thing to do is to share the lessons that I have learned over my time at the forum. So here they are. I hope that you guys can pull as much out of them as I did:

YOUR PERSONAL LIFE: Because if you can't take care of yourself, you can't take care of a business.

1. Do it for the Right Reasons: Why are you doing this? Did you grow up thinking "I want to run a business, and market it through the internet?" OK, maybe some of you did. The rest of us wanted to be firefighters, movie stars, or something like that. If this isn't your first choice for a career, why are you jumping into it? Being able to satisfactorily answer this question to yourself will give you the confirmation you need to make IM your thing. If you can't answer it, go find your thing. No use doing something that you won't be satisfied with.

2. Know Your Goals: So you know that IM is something that you want to do, and you are in it for the long haul. Here's the thing though: IM doesn't cover one specific topic. Are you selling products or services? Will you be a lone wolf forever or do you plan on running a team? Do you intend to grow this as much as possible or just create a steady income for your family? Know what you are going after, so that you know the endgame that you are chasing towards (I know for some, there is no endgame, just endless growth. ROll with the narrative guys!).

3. You Have to Have a Schedule: To truly be successful with an online business (or any business for that matter) you can't just put time in here or there. You need to be consistent; and you need to be ready to devote the proper amount of time needed to reach the goals you have set. If you cannot set a schedule and follow it without deviating to Facebook or Reddit, you are dead in the water.

4. Be Healthy: For a lot who work online, the majority of their job consists of sitting in front of a computer. This can lead to a quick deterioration of your health if you are not taking care of yourself. Eat a proper diet and exercise consistently. It's not that hard at all once you get into it, and you guarantee yourself a longer life to enjoy all that money you are going to make.

5. Don't Cut Yourself Out: A mistake that I have made (and still have to recover from) is locking myself away from the outside world while trying to build the foundation of my business. Humans are social creatures by nature, doing this is not normal. Not going out or interacting with other people definitely contributed to the depression I was feeling in the latter parts of 2011 and early 2012. What I've done (and it has helped tremendously) is dedicated one night a week to go out with friends (or to meet new people), time every day to Skype my best friend (unfortunately in Puerto Rico for school this year), and at the very least shoot a text to the family members I can tolerate. On top of that I find any charitable event I can participate in and go 100%. These simple steps are huge for your emotional health (for your friends emotional health too) and with charity work you are helping the world while connecting with new people.

FORUM USE: The Warrior Forum is so much more than other forums wish they could be. Fit in and learn from the people here and you have all the tools you could need to be successful.

1. The Rules are in Fact There for a Reason: Now by nature I am a devil's advocate; but a lot of you might know that already. I am always looking at rules and policies, trying to find flaws in logic that I can point out and go "WTF were we thinking here guys?" The Warrior Forum is one of those rare exceptions where I might not like some of the rules; but all of them are based in sound logic and protect the sanctity of the forum. I get that some of you may not like/agree with them, and you want to get vocal about it. I love someone who will stand up for what they believe in. Thing is though, you weren't forced to join. The only reason you have to follow the rules is because you chose to join the community. Your cries of "scam!" and "free speech!" aren't going to change things: this isn't a democracy (and if it was, each rule would easily pass with a super majority). The rules are easy to play by, so just do it and get the benefit of being a part of the community.

2. There is a Person Behind Every Screen Name: I'll be the first one to admit that I still have trouble following my own rule on this one. When in the midst of a heated argument or trollfest, we internet users sometimes forget that there is more to an account than just a screen name and an avatar. Every person on this forum is a human being that is close to or already an adult. They've all done things and experienced things that none of us will ever know about. Treat others kindly, and when an argument boils over, opt to "agree to disagree" rather than put down someone down. Their personal experiences give them a different viewpoint than you (right or wrong) and if they are steadfast in their belief (or just having a bad day) there is no way you are going to convince them otherwise. It causes more harm than good.

3. Knowing Who to Follow: This one first and foremost ties to the "Know Your Goals" lesson stated above. Find someone who is doing what you want to do, with close to half a million users there is a mentor in your market posting on this forum. Use your common sense to know who is reliable or not. Only your discretion and testing of their knowledge can let you know who is or isn't reputable. Stats on this website mean nothing outside of an ego boost.

BUSINESS: Why we're all here in the first place. These are the lessons that stick with me wherever I go, not just on the forum.

1. Nothing Has Changed: The avenues and tools of marketing may be constantly changing; but the act itself is the same that it always has been. Find targeted customers and give them something of value that they need/want. It is as simple as that. Will it take hard work? Hell yeah, a lot of it in fact. But eventually you will learn how to scale and leverage, and the workload decreases. Just remember why you are doing it, for the customer, and you will be alright.

2, There is a Niche for Anything: The most baffling thing to me is to watch newbies jump into the IM niche, one after the other. More confusing is that they are legitimately confused when they fail. If you haven't figured it out yet, please listen to me when I say that there is MORE WAYS TO MAKE MONEY THAN JUST SELLING THE DREAM OF MAKING MONEY. There is literally a niche for anything out there. Look at your interests, there is a way to monetize them if you put your mind into it. The niches that I am building didn't seem feasible to me at the outset of my IM career. I though you had to sell IM products to make money. Learn from my mistake, and diversify your business.

3. You Only Get Out What You Put In: Nothing in life will be handed to you. Ever. Unless you hit 1,000 Warrior Forum posts, then they hand you a cake (which still hasn't arrived BTW. Moderators???). You will only be rewarded for the hard work that you put in. Don't be afraid of it. Just keep plugging away at your chosen method. Even when it seems dull and boring, you are setting the foundation for something much bigger. It's like a MMO, you have to grind to get to the good stuff. Damn, just outed myself as a geek.

4. "Success isn't permanent, and failure isn't fatal": Probably one of my favorite quotes of all time. I've been at both ends of the spectrum. Had unprecedented success and opportunity, only to see it fade away (or be squandered by my own stupidity). Funny thing though, I'm still here, only a better person for my experiences. Until the day you die, you have the opportunity to take every bad experience and grow from it. When you are successful, enjoy it; but never become complacent. You must always search to grow, because time doesn't stand still and what worked today won't work forever.

5. Be Open Minded: Being flexible and open to new ideas is the key to growing as a business owner. It's as simple as that. Be willing to try any idea (within reason) once; and know that new ways to improve come out all the time. Welcome the change, don't fight it.

You never know as much as you think you know, so stay humble.

Well, that's all I have guys. I hope that what I've said sinks in with one person at least. Again, thanks to everyone who has helped me so far, and I look forward to hanging with you guys as long as the forum is around.


Meh, it'll do.
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    Hey Joe,

    Awesome 1,000th post. Congrats! Be sure to save a piece of cake for me!

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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      Originally Posted by Michael Oksa View Post

      Hey Joe,

      Awesome 1,000th post. Congrats! Be sure to save a piece of cake for me!

      All the best,
      ..I ate it .

      Worry not though! I'll save you some of my birthday cake.
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    Congrats on your 1000th post!

    God,Family,Business. In that Order.
    .99 Cents Into A Million?

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    Nice post man, great read and sound advice. So yeah, that 'sunk in'.

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    Great 1,000 post, thanks for sharing!

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    What a fantastic read thank you.

    Happy 1000th post
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    Congratulations on your 1000th post, it is a post worth reading.


    "Punish The Deed, Not The Breed"

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    Congrats on the 1000 posts. Loved reading it. Thank you very much!
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    That was amazing. Thank you for sharing that with us. I always knew I liked you.

    So can I be your friend now? :p


    P.S. You write exceptionally well. Ever considered writing for a living?
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      Originally Posted by DianaHeuser View Post


      That was amazing. Thank you for sharing that with us. I always knew I liked you.

      So can I be your friend now? :p

      Originally Posted by DianaHeuser View Post


      P.S. You write exceptionally well. Ever considered writing for a living?
      Seems like a lot of work. And everyone knows spinning content and buying link packages is where it's at!*

      *Disclaimer: Spinning content and buying link packages is NOT where it's at. For the sake of your business do not buy into this philosophy.
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    Congrats on the 1,000!

    This is my 58th post since 2007 which means I'm averaging around 10 or 11 posts a year... If I wasn't so good-looking I'd be embarrassed.
    Get my latest book! Available in both paperback and Kindle
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      Originally Posted by Claire Koch View Post

      thats so huge
      It's my thread so I'm going for it:

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    Great 1000th post.
    Now Michael Oksa, that guy is a monster averaging about 1000 a year. Something to look forward to!
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    Humility is one of the rarest of traits especially for those that have achieved much.
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      Originally Posted by Marhelper View Post

      Humility is one of the rarest of traits especially for those that have achieved much.
      It can be learned though. I used to be a huge, arrogant, tool. Not so much online but in a lot of other facets of my life. Recently though I have matured enough to see that A) There is always going to be someone better than me and B) There are people worse off than I who I should strive to serve as a role model towards.

      So while it is a needlessly rare trait, it is one that anyone who is willing can develop.
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    congrats on 1,000!

    Posted from Warrior Forum Reader for Android

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      That was a good read!

      Obviously you put thought and your heart into it. It shows. If I make it to 1,000 I hope my post can be as eloquent and meaningful.

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    Nice 1000th post. Mine will soon explode.

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