Mac Users.. question about 'Mac Control 2.0'

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Hello Folks

I'm still integrating and getting so much value from Mass Control 1 that I'm almost totally dedicated to getting 2.0 but I have question regarding Franks videos....

I'm in the process of setting up a new online business and it revolves around a massive element of screen capture and dialogue over the vid... Now, I have heard that IshowU is a good piece of software as is Jing and apparantly, mid 09, Camtasia is coming out for mac... But I need screen capture asap and I know Frank Kern uses a mac, and his video screen captures seem to work perfectly.. so, my question:

Which software does Frank Kern use for screen capture, and which software do you rate on mac for this very purpose.

Answers on a postcard :-)

Cheers in advance

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