I Could Have Been $2.6 Billion Richer!

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In the beginning of 2001 I had an interesting idea. I bounced it of a friend of mine and he thought it was a great idea as well. We where programmers at the time and thought it might be possible.

We saw the popularity of Instant Messaging applications like ICQ. Remember that one? We saw the primitive online voice communication systems that existed by then. Was it Team Speak? Or something similar. It needed a huge server in order to let 5 - 10 people speak with each other. And it was more like using a walkie talkie then just speaking with each other.

The idea was to make an application similar to ICQ but for voice communication and using the emerging p2p (peer to peer) protocols to ease the load and let peoples software communicate directly.

The basic idea was a simple to use internet phone application. We talked about it, made plans, thought of cool additions, but in the end our steam sort of ran out.

A few years later...

In the end of 2003 the first beta of Skype is released. When me and my friend heard of it we thought someone had sneaked into my house and stolen our crappy notes or something. Oh well, it's cool someone did something like that, right?

In the end of 2005 Ebay buys Skype for 2.6 billion dollars. We nearly fainted.

So, the lessons to be learned.

1. Great ideas have a tendency to emerge at the same time in different places and minds. This has been seen in more significant parts of history as well.

2. That means if you get an idea, it's potentially great and it doesn't seem like there's an existing solution/product/idea, then run with it. Take Action!

Take. Action.

I guess I have to build my billions some other way.

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    I guess you and your friend never knew how big your idea was. Well, never let it happen again.
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    speed is the key, once you think of a good idea, you must get it up and running as fast as possible you can work out all of the little details later, that is why they have beta
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    Yes! There's always the odd thread about how nothing will happen if you don't take action. Well, another thing you wont know is if your idea will be worth huge wads of cash in a couple of years. Skype, Facebook, etc.

    Ok, the guys behind Skype probably had a good idea that their application would be popular and they had the money and connections to launch it broadly worldwide.

    Facebook was just a cool idea that exploded on the internet. Who's to say your next idea wont explode as well?
    Preparing for action!

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    As you said, taking action is the key.

    And as others have said through time, great ideas are a dime a dozen.

    Seriously -- right here, right now we could brainstorm a million dollar or even billion dollar idea. We could hash out the details just like the OP and his friend did. We could make exact, "fail proof" plans.

    Then unleash that puppy on this forum. You'd see hundreds if not thousands of people read the thread. You could encourage every single one of them to take action.

    How many would?

    I don't know. But the overwhelming huge majority wouldn't do a thing with the idea. The tiny number of people who did pursue it would quit at various stages (lose steam or enthusiasm, perhaps start second-guessing the idea, maybe even just get a little scared at the potential).

    But someone would pick that ball up, run with it, and turn it into a million bucks. And everyone else who read the original idea would say, "I could have done it too and also become a millionaire, but ________...."

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      Great ideas are a dime a dozen...
      I hear that often, and I have never agreed with it.

      I know people - a lot of people - who wouldn't know a good idea if it walked up and slapped them in the mouth, let alone think one up on their own, even in a lifetime.

      Let's give credit to the real idea men and women out there. They've earned it.

      Yes, some people do have great ideas, only to let them pass because they don't act. But those great ideas come from a giant minority, relatively speaking.

      If great ideas are a dime-a-dozen then I would like to place my order here and now. I will take $100 bucks worth from whoever values them so lightly.

      John (self-acclaimed Idea Man )

      We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes nonwork.
      ~ Milton Friedman

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    True words, Becky Lets all decide to take our ideas and RUN with them. Make it happen!
    Preparing for action!

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      Originally Posted by Anders Eastgrove View Post

      True words, Becky Lets all decide to take our ideas and RUN with them. Make it happen!
      Absolutely. And as someone else said in this thread, you've already proven that you have the capacity to imagine awesome ideas. If you can come up with one, I bet you can come up with plenty more.
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    Hi Anders,

    For future progress, note the best way to protect your idea is to patent, trademark or copyright part or all of it. You may not have the money to develop something, but a few hundred bucks will get you a patent or just $10 will get you a domain name to help protect a future trademark.


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    only $700 million? LOL

    Originally Posted by majidmaskat View Post

    i would have been satisfied on $700m not a billion....
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    Just goes on to show how taking action on any idea helps. You may fail, but you learn.

    Next time, Don't lose entho and just do it!
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    Originally Posted by majidmaskat View Post

    i would have been satisfied on $700m not a billion....
    Haha, that cracked me up!
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    I do agree John but at the same time it's not uncommon that people get various potentially great ideas and don't even see it themselves. Thats why I always type down all of my ideas, even if they are crazy middle of the night brainstorms.

    Check back on your ideas that you have written down and see if you get inspired, if they seem as good after a couple of days. I have often developed my ideas in stages, bouncing them of each other, distilling them down to the few great ideas you want to keep.

    I'm a dreamer. I get crazy/weird/cool ideas all the time. The problem I used to have was that I wanted to do everything at once. The catch is when you have a large bunch of stuff going on at the same time it's very difficult to get anything done.

    Internet Marketing and the WF have helped a lot with that. I'm getting better at focusing and finishing one thing at a time. I have learned to prioritize my projects and build them of each other. In that way I owe a great deal to the Warrior Forum and the great people who contributes to it. I'm planning to get better at contributing myself.
    Preparing for action!

    G+: Circle me in your WF/Marketing circle! I circle back :)
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      Also, ideas are free. Going ahead with a great idea, especially if the project is huge, requires knowledge to implement, getting financing for the long term, and having contacts to link your product to a service or to push it as a "solution".

      I've noticed that many successful entrepreneurs began by accident - they had an idea for a small solution, used it themselves, gave it away to friends/family and began selling it almost by default because the word spread.

      Saving one dog will not save the world....but will forever change the world of one dog.
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    its not the idea. The idea is maybe 20%. 80% is the marketing.

    Oh, and i once wanted to create a big MMORPG...this at a time when there was no WoW. How many millions is WoW making every day now?
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