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Hello, everyone.

My name is Sean Ward. I have been lurking the Warrior Forum for a about a month and thought that I would introduce myself and my project.

I'm trying to take everything that I am learning about internet marketing, and apply it to an entertainment product.

My website is at www.seanward.net. I have new content on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and the showpiece of the site (new video) on Wednesdays.

I also started a website for my rap record, which is at www.paidtoparty.org. I put that up because I kept hearing about how the best way to start to build a list and establish a niche is to have something to give away.

If anyone wanted to take a look and offer their input on how I'm doing on an internet marketing level or any opportunities I haven't spotted, I would truly appreciate the feedback. I know that I'm good at generating the content, it's just the marketing thing I'm new at because I, like so many other creative people have done, falsely believed that the business end of a creative enterprise is something that someone else does for you.

So now you know about me! Thanks for reading!

-Sean D. Ward
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    Welcome Sean!

    You've done very well with Wordpress and your oto/mailing list building page.

    I took a very quick glance at the first wordpress site and noticed that your meta tags and categories are not all the SEO friendly. Anyway, it's tough to know who you're targetting your site to OR even if it's just for your friends. Well, I doubt that. So, I think you need to look into your audience, and adjust meta tags and category names to aide those visitors.

    Lastly, you've featured a lot of video and images -- always take care to add good, descriptive names for your images. Also with video, which have no added value for search engine traffic, I suggest that you do some writing to describe your reason for featuring the video.

    Great start!

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    • Thanks very much for the input, Sam. Got any articles you can recommend about tags and how to implement good ones?
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        This white boy can rap his ass off for real....and that base line was funkier then one of those cool Fred Williamson/Pam Grier 70's black exploitation moves.

        Good stuff, bro!

        (Eat your heart out Steve Wagon..you couln't rap the alaphabet!)

        Cool, crisp opt in page that gets to the point. The video rocks. Again....you got a lot of soul for a white boy.

        Your hook and headline is excellent.....and your offer is better then MOST I see. So you'se off to a good start!

        Hell...Vince here would like to get paid to party! (Actually I do..but that's another story.)

        One thing to consider is your market...which is young and probably isn't loaded with too much bling bling....much less any ambition other then getting stoned and laid.

        You might consider repackaging this to a slightly older demograhic....wanna be promoters....looking for something more exciting to do then punchin' a time clock.....while their old lady packs on the pounds...etc.

        In other words:

        " HOW TO PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR! Get paid now..... putting on the hottest parties in town etc etc."

        Mention the money and all the hot chicks they'll get to hang out with etc.....and you'll probably be able to get my demographic to bite....cuz we got money...and we're all facing mid life crisis issues anyway. Your offer solves that!

        The combination of money and lust is one of the greatest sales motivators in the friggin' universe, bro!

        As it stands now....I'd definitely be banging the social sites with this offer as well.... it's perfect for MySpace et al.....

        and if nothing else...you'll build up some serious traffic which you'se can figure out how to pimp (monetize- for you non-hood people).... later, if not now.

        Good luck, man. You're off to a way better start then most...and probably better off then more then a few.

        xxx Vegas Vince
        The world is mine...all mine!
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