Review sites pull well or go for more content.

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I have been playing with the idea of making a review site and trying to review a few products. I have a review theme i am thinking of using and just sticking to reviews. I was going to use PPC as i actually have had success with PPC but not so much my free traffic. But my real question is review sites pull well enough to just go with it or should i instead make a more content based site with reviews on it. And my apprehension of making a content based site is that you really have to build your readers to make anything off the content as most i believe are looking for free info. Any help would be appreciated....Newbie...oh btw i am trying to get my business going on the most minimal dollar expense and highest ROI possible...
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    I have several websites that are reviews only.

    I get a lot of long term hits for keywords that are based off a particular model name that granted me some nice sales).

    I don't believe adding other type of content is necessary unless you're focusing on something like Adsense.
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    Thats awesome thanks...
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