Sales down in summer - is this normal?

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I own a website that sells digital products, and I noticed that sales started dipping a couple of weeks ago.

Everything being the same, do people buy less digital products during the summer?

If so, would it be a bad idea to release a new product in the next couple of weeks?

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    Hey. Well, is difficult to state if people buy more or less things on summer, but you can market your store buy offering a freebie on forums related to your topic. People will need to sign-up on your store to grab the free gift and you can then market your other products to them, and as they're targeted (people interested in your niche, speaking in your product language) you can upsell them something and bring back your sales level.
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    Originally Posted by markethacker View Post

    I own a website that sells digital products, and I noticed that sales started dipping a couple of weeks ago.

    Everything being the same, do people buy less digital products during the summer?

    If so, would it be a bad idea to release a new product in the next couple of weeks?

    Have you built a list? With a list of highly targeted buyers you can market and sell to them over and over again
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    Release your product when it's ready...

    Some niches are up in summer, some are down, and your drop in sales may have nothing to do with the time of year at all. Maybe your site(s) are getting less traffic for some reason, maybe you're selling products that are nearing the end of their life-cycle, maybe this really is an awful time of year for one product, but a great time of year for others.

    Pay attention to your data, look for patterns and try to figure out the WHY behind your sales drop, that may help you boost those back.

    As for your new product, I can't think of a single reason to wait unless you are trying to sell fireplace repair manuals in the midwest United States.
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      Generally speaking, digital products sales do slow down in the summer. My Clickbank sales (for various products) have slowed down to about 1/2 of what they were a few months ago.

      And, I think that (Unless you are planning a "launch") NOW is the best time to release any product.

      The release of digital products has little to do with the timing of the release - unless it is heavily related to an event, or a related product being released.

      The great thing about digital products is, if you chose your niche correctly, they should result in ongoing sales. If you release during a slow period and keep up your promotion / SEO / marketing, then the sales will pick up during the better times.

      Hope this helps!

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    This is a question I see asked every year and it's different
    for different people. A lot depends on what you are
    selling. But I see a lot of online marketers who complain
    about the summer sale doldrums.

    After running YOUR business for a while you will pick up
    a pattern so you know when you need special promotions
    to increase sales and the best time to take a vacation
    because other people seem to be on a sale vacation
    as well.

    For me, summers are usually slow so I use that time
    to work on creating new products for the end of summer
    rush. Well, at least as much as the Florida heat allows.

    -Ray Edwards
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    Usually summer tends to be slow time for a lot of people I speak with. I mean, with the wonderful weather outside (albeit extremely HOT lately), most people would rather be out enjoying the world rather than reading some information product.



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    If you can connect with potential customers over many different platforms, then you can keep them aware of what you are offering and any specials you have going, then even in the parts of the year when most businesses sales drop you can maximise what you can make sales.

    I suggest keeping the special until these times and try create some sort of buzz around them.
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    I imagine seasonal fluctuations have a lot to do with the niche of the product, especially if it's an infoproduct (like an eBook). For example, a how-to guide on making your own ice cream probably wouldn't do quite as well in the winter.
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  • I have been doing IM for almost a decade I'm almost always down in the summer and december. Not sure if it's just me but it's every year for me at least.

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    As I know, at the summer period e-books like "Build strong abs fast" , "Loose 5kg in a week" and similar subjects related to the body are selling a lot. Try to promote products like this and you might get back to your selling levels.
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    Not in my business. Especially if you have a large list. Digital products stay in demand as opposed to some tangible goods. Increase your marketing efforts and run more ads for your business.

    Quick question: Do you have a 1-page website.... or like a digital product STORE?
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      Thanks! It's a digital web store
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    Have you taken a good look at your site stats to see if they reveal the reason for slower sales? It could be lower traffic, less click throughs to a pre-sale page because of a change to your design or content, or a drop in traffic from a particular source that converts well.

    As a first step, I'd take some time to look at your analytics to figure out why you have the drop. That'll probably help with fixing it too.
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