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How to get youtube views for the video? I have uploaded nice video but not getting satisfied results for my video. Please can anyone suggest me to get youtube views? What should I do to get more youtube views. Is there any way so that I can get more viewers?
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    Originally Posted by roshan99 View Post

    How to get youtube views for the video? I have uploaded nice video but not getting satisfied results for my video. Please can anyone suggest me to get youtube views? What should I do to get more youtube views. Is there any way so that I can get more viewers?
    Hi Roshan99,
    the most obvious I think would be to post links onto your FB, Twitter and the like. Start by txting your friends. Keep it simple, posting daily to lots of other sites and you will soon see your traffic building up. Oh! and don't forget to put in good tags !
    Best WWW
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    I find that youtube is different to other types of marketing in that they views tend to come more after a number of months than in the first few days liek article marketing used to..

    In saying that.. you can add your video to bookmarking sites so that it gets syndicated in google faster and higher.
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    get the video out in front of as many people as you can like others have said - if it's really any good then it will get shared around the web faster than you think.

    Don't bother wasting your money buying views and stuff - it won't do you any good.
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    There are several things you can do to help your videos get views in YouTube - a few have already been mentioned and are right on.

    As mentioned, you should definitely send the link to your video out on all the social media platforms you are on. Don't be afraid to ask your friends to share it! If you don't ask, they don't always know what you want them to do. I also agree with sending out to social bookmarking sites. Those are both great places to start!

    Another thing to think about is...if you optimize your video well and are engaging with other YouTubers then YouTube will take more notice of your video and rank it higher in it's search results.

    Here are some basic ways to optimize your video:

    1. Use a good keyword in your video title. Make sure it is something people would be searching for in order to find whatever it is your video is about.

    2. Put your keyword in your video's description box a couple of times (make it sound as natural and nice as possible...not like a sales commercial) and be sure to write a really nice, comprehensive description.

    3. Include your keyword in your video's tags (as already mentioned)

    4. Choose a good category for your video

    5. Choose the best, most interesting thumbnail that you can for your video (I know YouTube doesn't always give great choices, but choose the best one you can).

    6. Get out there and engage in YouTube...YouTube loves engagement. Comment, share, like other people's videos, and just be a part of the community. This is often reciprocal and others will do the same for you, thus helping your video rank higher.

    There are some other things you can do to optimize your video, but some of it is a little more advanced and also hinges on how you created your video (such as whether or not you used your keyword in your actual video script). And there is always paid promotion, such as PPC...but I probably wouldn't do that unless you have a really great offer/landing page linking from your video.

    Anyway - those are some ideas. Hope that helps!
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    whoever said buying views dont work is wrong

    a big percentage of top Youtubers = mobile view buyers
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    Originally Posted by roshan99 View Post

    Please can anyone suggest me to get youtube views? What should I do to get more youtube views. Is there any way so that I can get more viewers?
    Here's an expert from a post I wrote last year about this topic:

    Originally Posted by Dan Allard View Post

    Views definitely plays a role in raking- and it also adds social proof. All other things being equal which video would you trust more- one with 200 views or one with 2,000 views?

    Here's some steps I follow to rank videos:

    ➥Keyword research before uploading. Once you find your targeted keyword save your video file name to that keyword before uploading. Very important!

    ➥Optimize for that keyword, here's a good title template "Keyword- 5 Ways to Improve Keyword". Use your keyword in the first sentence of the description as well as throughout maintaining a good keyword density.

    ➥Use your keyword in the tags, as well as 2 or 3 relevant keywords.

    ➥Submit link to social bookmarking sites as well as RSS feed directories.

    ➥Start boosting your views. I recommend using Vagex for views- it's free and works as a view-exchange. You can also get bonus views for tweeting their link, writing a blog post about them, etc. I also use that site to get 'likes' and subscribers.

    ➥Embed your video on video embed sites. Tagworld.com, Vlad.tv, Vidipedia.org, etc. Try a Google search for "embed your Youtube video" or "post your Youtube link".

    These tips may seem excessive but should land you a top spot in rankings and drive plenty of traffic to your videos.
    Link to that post.

    And a link to another post I wrote about getting more YouTube views.

    Hope those help,

    Facebook page for inspiration & JV opportunities-


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    If you want fast views and to rank your video, you can be a "bad boy"
    Sign up at Vagex, u2bviews or any other site in that section. Then get some free or paid points. Then add your video to the site and get views, likes, comments etc...
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    if you are just starting out which it sounds like you are; the best thing to do is some foot work on your own. Send it to friends via email, post it on your Twitter, Google+ etc, and just get as many people to check out the video yourself as you can.

    After a while you will hopefully start to gain a following on your own and not have to so so much promoting on your own.

    Another AMAZING source of views and not to mention likes and subscribers is Empire Avenue Missions. Check out some videos on how to play Empire Avenue and get going. Once you have a pretty well established account you will be able to create what are called "misions" which give you traffic. It sounds complicated, but it's a great way to gain exposure and something you should start working at.

    Hope this helps!
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    I use a free YouTube traffic exchange called view2.be

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    Never forget to look for the most popular videos on the category you're uploading to and take a peek at their tags.
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    Originally Posted by roshan99 View Post

    How to get youtube views for the video? I have uploaded nice video but not getting satisfied results for my video. Please can anyone suggest me to get youtube views? What should I do to get more youtube views. Is there any way so that I can get more viewers?
    It really depends on your goal with the video. Someone in a post mentioned 'mobile views' which is a method used by a lot of companies that sell views and is of no value other than to boost the count. With this method the 'viewer' does not actually see the video. If you goal is just to get your count high, this would actually suffice.

    If you want actual viewers then you would need to get actual eyeballs on the video. Some mentioned Social Media (like linking in FB, twitter etc) and those are great suggestions.

    Another thing that you can do, which would actually get targeted viewers would be to join forums relevant to your video niche and start participating in conversations. For example, my friends have a cooking youtube channel where they post video recipes to. They actually join related forums or other blogs and interact with the community. If someone in the community is asking for a recipe that they have a video about on their Youtube channel, they will leave the link. This can get several hundred to several thousand targeted viewers depending on how big the forum of blog is where the link was left.

    Always be sure to take some time on your Title, Description, tags, etc so that youtube knows what your videos is about and can rank it as well!

    Thanks and good luck!
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    Optimise your titles, description tags.
    Share your video on sites like Stumble Upon.
    Above all, ensure your video engages the viewer and gives value.
    Don't go buying views or likes as you may get your account pulled.
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    If you don't have methods in place to drive traffic to it, Twitter, fb, etc., then uploading more videos and optimizing them for search is your best chance. More videos equals a bigger chance of people finding your videos. If it's a video worthy of sharing you can post it to Reddit or similar high traffic outlets.
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    share the video as much as possible on social sites, with your friends, fans, subscribers ect.
    you can also buy the views and comments, but they are not good coz if they detect it's fake they can remove the video.
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    Optimization techniques, as covered in some of the replies are important. Getting your video on the first page of Youtube results can be achieved by buying a Fiverr Gig for 1,000 EDU backlinks. Finally add a clickable annotation to your site (search Youtube for how to add clickable external links)
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    Try to optimize your youtube rankings in google. Here are good recommendations YouTube SEO: The Ultimate Guide
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    To get more views, try to share that video in Social Media...
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    Use great tags so that the video can be seen in related videos too. Make sure the video should get atleast 1k views in the first week, later you will understand how these Youtube video makes sense for us.
    Social media is the fastest way to get some views also ask your friends to view that video immediately when you posted on Youtube.
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    First of all, sharing it on social media or with your friends &everyone is a good way to get it out there!
    Next, be active on YouTube. Be part of the community, look for channels similar to yours and start posting some comments, people will see 'you exist' and they'll come to check you out.
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  • Some of the best promotional methods..

    1) Email your list
    2) Social Media Sharing
    3) Use services like addmefast.com
    4) Use correct keywords to rank for your targeted keywords

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    Add a naked lady's picture as thumbshot!

    Just kidding. Honestly the only way to get real views from viewers is to have solid engaging content in your videos. Something that people will find interesting and will want to have a look. What is your niche? Maybe i can give you some good content ideas.
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      Originally Posted by tmtechno View Post

      Add a naked lady's picture as thumbshot!
      No need the full picture, just show the navel....... very enough

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    You can use Youtube viewing sites, optimize your keywords/videos better, be consistent with doing your videos, social share, and add backlinks to your videos. There are lots of ways to get your videos ranked higher on YouTube. You can do a Google search for that or watch people's videos on YouTube. I got some awesome tips from a video on there one day that got one of my keyword videos ranked in the top 3. Been that way for over a year now and it's still going strong.
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