Making Affiliate Income on Non-Internet Marketing Products

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I'm interested to hear from people who make substantial amounts (maybe a couple thousand a month) from Affiliate sales, that aren't for internet marketing info products, but rather, things like products on Amazon, etc.

Without giving away your secrets, would be great to hear some of the niches, maybe ballpark numbers
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    I could not do money tousands. But I could do money from аffiliate marketing. I used for this purpose like PPC and a blog marketing.
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    Here are my best concepts:

    - Always be reading new ideas.

    - Be persistent with your testing.

    - Always watch where the industry is headed.

    - Stick with a new traffic source until it is profitable.

    - Network with others, but don't waste too much time.

    - If you aren't improving, you are losing ground.

    - Always be thinking and building long-term.

    - Learn to write really good copy. It is a skill that never fades.
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    If you are a newbie never start with Internet Marketing products. Its seems that everyone is making big money in IM because this is a forum where we talk about money and many people find potential clients here. A very big portion of my income comes from the affiliate products that are not in IM niche.

    You know its is easier to sell those people. People outside of IM doesn't even know what a JV or list building is. I usually do Youtube videos on different niches. I prefer Youtube over Google as they are easier and faster to rank both on Google and Youtube. You can get really good results in a short span on time.
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      Originally Posted by headmaster211 View Post

      If you are a newbie never start with Internet Marketing products. Its seems that everyone is making big money in IM because this is a forum where we talk about money and many people find potential clients here.

      It's also because, by default, anyone who is promoting these products must claim to make money even if they are, in fact, not making anything.

      This is why all IM copy looks the same. Whether the promoter is making money or not, they'll say they are. Otherwise, they can't promote the product to begin with.
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    Also, testing and tweaking is the key. Try different things. See what works for you and what not. Eliminate what doesn't work and scale up what works.
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    make sure you test and twist your sales page first for the conversion rates (20-30%) before you go for serious PPC, that way you can greatly increase your success.
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    marketerSPB, Let's say I owned a successful site about Russian brides, would I recommend you set up another site in the same niche? That wouldn't be very smart of me, would it? And I certainly wouldn't want to make the suggestion on a very popular forum. Not unless I was going to earn a second-tier income on your sales.

    So I think you'll need to dig a bit for clues.

    Affiliate marketing is a multi-BILLION-dollar industry. There's an awful lot of money being generated every day from a massive number of niches and sub-niches.

    One approach is to look for a desperate market - people who have a problem and need a solution right now. Obvious ones are weight loss, hair loss, acne, matchmaking, etc. Some obsessed with finding a solution to a problem is a much better target than some who's merely search for information.

    However, you might find it more productive - and enjoyable - to analyze your strengths and interests and think about how you can leverage the knowledge you already have to attract people to products that you can genuinely recommend.

    Then, when things go wrong - as they inevitably will at times - you're much more likely to dig your toes in and carry on, because you're INTERESTED in what you're doing. Been there, done that.

    I've sold - to an old friend

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    I average around $3K/M per each site in one of my networks, Amazon drives about 65% of that profit per those sites. I don't sell informational products, just real products with reviews to drive visitors down the sales funnel to make purchases online.
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    Originally Posted by marketerSPB View Post

    I'm interested to hear from people who make substantial amounts (maybe a couple thousand a month) from Affiliate sales, that aren't for internet marketing info products
    I don't promote anything connected with internet marketing or making money online at all.

    I think it's far easier not to, and that the proportion of people who try becoming affiliates for IM/MMO products who ever actually manage to make a living by doing so is very small indeed, and that there are good and valid reasons for that. (I think starting off in those "niches" is almost certainly the single commonest mistake that "beginning affiliates" make).

    Mostly I sell ClickBank products (there are hundreds of other niches and sub-niches represented there, that have nothing to do with internet marketing - just take a look through their "Marketplace"), but I promote Amazon products and some others, too.

    Originally Posted by marketerSPB View Post

    Without giving away your secrets, would be great to hear some of the niches
    Very many people here do regard their niches as "secrets".

    Some of our reasons for that were discussed and explained in this thread only yesterday:

    Originally Posted by marketerSPB View Post

    maybe ballpark numbers
    Very few people here are willing to state their incomes and sales figures, either.

    I know they can be "inspirational" (and I found them so, myself, when I started), but when discussed, they also cause plenty of "heckling" and other consternation from people not doing very well who can be very quick to decry them, point out that they're not independently audited, and so on. Resentment often leads to hostility, and that's not good for forums.

    For what it's worth to the conversation, if anything, I sell many, many hundreds of products per month as an affiliate, and earn a very good, steady and increasing living from it, and so do large numbers of others here. What matters more, though, are the work we've done, and the learning curves we've traversed, in order to get to that position, and it's worth bearing in mind that - just as with any other form of self-employment - far more are unsuccessful than successful.

    My business is described here:
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    My niches:
    Freelance Writing
    Vacation Niche: Disney

    Monthly Earnings? Work for the IRS to find out. To be a tease though, I make more than most of the students working full time jobs here at school, and less than a lot of people think when they ask me privately on here. Im comfortable, and that's all that matters to me .
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    the IM niche can be very difficult to tackle. most people will use a rehased PLR/MRR product,,

    but at the end of the day you really haven't built a reputation.. YOu only building the reputation of the PLR/MRR type products

    Established webmaster since 1998. Bought my first domain name for $70 and had to pay $1000 a month for hosting. It was the good life

    Skype: twool9
    Email me at thomasw9 ((((a)))) G mail

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    I make good income with CPA dating, weight loss and beauty and health. Of course you need to know how to promote them. It is not easy I can say because a lot of competition but as soon as you can find your way it become easy.

    Hope that help
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    yea I don't promote anything in the Internet Marketing, or make money online niche at all either.

    I think it is better especially for beginners to choose another niche, especially one that you know quite a bit about.

    The reason being is there is so much to learn about traffic generation, setting up sites, different business models, etc, that you don't want to also have to be learning about the subject that you are trying to promote at the same time that you are trying to promote it. That would just make things harder on yourself.

    It is alot easier if you already know the subject, then you can just focus on promoting products on that subject.

    For example, my second niche I tried getting into was the gambling niche. The reason is I know it is a great market, and my goal was to make more money from the gambling niche than my parents were spending in it, lol.

    The problem is I didn't know anything about it, and I didn't gamble myself. When I wrote articles or posted on forums I couldn't speak the same language as my customers. I didn't know what motivated them, what got them excited and made them take action, and what brought them back again and again.

    So I failed big time in this niche.

    After this I went to another niche that I knew something about, and could speak the same language as my customers, and knew what excited them, what scared them, what caused them to take action.

    It is definately possible to make a lot of money in other niches beside the IM niche.

    another example, my I set up a youtube channel for my niece and all she does is create a weekly video on how to do different hairstyles, and different makeup looks, and directs traffic to her site where she has her affiliate links.

    She makes pretty good money on this, especially for someone who just graduated high school.

    Now she is looking to expand into other niches.
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    In my view it doesn't really matter what you are marketing. You need to follow these three simple rules:

    1. Find a group of people in one of these 3 big niches who have a massive problem, frustration, want, need or desire- Fitness and Health, Realtionships, Money and Businessy

    Make sure your niche is highly focussed and not too broad (for example don't do "weight loss for everybody" - do "weightloss for new mums/diabetics/men over 64 etc")

    2. Really understand what it is they are feeling with their problem so you can empathise with them - You brought up the IM niche. You for example want to (most probably) quit your day job and live the internet lifestyle etc but you don't know quite how to do it or where to go next and would love someone to take you by the hand and show you what to do. You know it can be done but it frustrates the hell out of you that it is not happening to you.

    Once you have an understanding of what your prospect is feeling then you will be able to speak to them.

    3. When speaking to them about their fears and concerns and building a connection you can present your solution to their problem (ie the affiliate product you are promoting which will solve their problem).

    Good luck!
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      It would be nice to know about the best way to find a profitable niche - can anyone point me to the right direction?
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