Finding a Niche for AdSense - Can't Find One!

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Hey Warriors,
I really need some help right now!

For the past week, I've been doing my best, trying to think of niches, and then doing Adwords research on it, followed by SEO Research on the top ranking sites etc.

I've read a few books on finding Niches, I've gone through for ideas, nothing. provides sites that are no longer ranked, don't provide their keywords, or were straight out BS in the post. Now, the other problem, is whenever I can think of a niche, or a sub niche (but I'd prefer a smaller niche with sub niches because I plan on making an authority site rather than a micro niche blog), either the traffic is far too low to be plausible at all (less than 100 exact searches monthly local), or the competition is too great (tons of PR 5's, Lots of sites like Wikipedia, and other well known, major authority sites including government sites in some cases), and I am just stuck..

Sorry for that block of text.

Now, I have tried thinking "What do you enjoy, what are you good at?
Well the only two things that came to mind were a couple specific video games that have been extremely over saturated, hockey, and IM. All of which are not worth competing in if you ask me. Hockey might have SOME sub-niches, but again, I want an authority site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... Doesn't seem right that I've been doing IM for over a year and I still have problems finding a Niche for AdSense

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